29 Jan 2010

That Friday Feeling...

It's been one of those weeks where I have been busy every night - but never the stuff I want to be doing (like scrapping!) I had year 8 parents evening last night and so that always makes a really long day. When I got home I just wanted to go to bed, but the hubster had a plate of gorgeous home made profiteroles waiting for me - yum! I am so glad I got him that course for Christmas now as I am reaping the benefits. They are pictured above - try not to drool on your laptops!
Secondly a page I have been meaning to scrap for a while as the pics are so sunny and bright and trigger great memories of a fab weekend with some great people. I had the m&m cardstock for ages and always planned to use it for a christmas layout, but it works perfectly with as a background for the red. I am "super excited" about this layout as I am loving the scallops and journalling strips at the mo! Sorry the light is not great on the pics, but we are on a triple date (!) with two of my old gal pals from my single days and need to make myself look more presentable. And what I hear you asking are two respectable, mature teachers doing with their friends on a Friday night? Probably cosmic golf and laser quest! You will see the layouts soon I am sure!
Happy weekend! xxx

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