27 Sep 2013

Foodie Friday: Halfway homemade mini peach pies

1) Take some peaches
2) Cut them in half, pit them and slice them
3) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and grease mini pie pans
4) Roll out shortcrust pastry
5) Use the pie tin to cut out the pastry
6) Once cut roll it out thinner and mold into pie tins
7) Mix four tablespoons (two for each pie) of cream cheese, tablespoon of sugar and a drizzle of honey. Fill pie crusts and top with sliced peaches.
8) Use a small round cutter and a shape (I used a heart) to decorate the top of the pie - sprinkle with brown sugar.
9) Bake for around 20 - 25 minutes until golden brown.
10) Top with whipped cream or serve with ice-cream.


23 Sep 2013

A week in the Life: Saturday...

This mini blog series has made me realise that I could never blog every day.  Life happens and sometimes the last thing you want to do in the evening is to start editing pictures and writing copy. I think for my posting to be more regular I am going to have to get organised and start scheduling posts - 'push up bra blogging' style.
So Saturday (which will be the last day as Sunday I forgot to take any pics!) in verbs...


Entertaining (toddlers) 
(Warehouse) shopping



 Waiting (impatiently whilst I shop)
 Anticipating (making cookies)

 Slow cooking


Wishing (granny didn't consider coral a neutral)
 Refusing (bed)
To catch up with the rest of our week;

20 Sep 2013

A week in the life: Friday...

He clearly takes after his parents - not a morning person! 
 Feeding on the go
 Snoozing on the go
Experiencing park life
Stocking up on nappies - love that the berocca is by the nappies!
We love living in a market town and I went to the cheese stall and got a recommendation for a great goats cheese for melting
Stopped by Greggs craving a custard tart and was so disappointed that they don't sell them and picked up this coconut and raspberry donut- lets just say it wasn't Krispy Kremes
Homemade carrot and coriander soup for lunch with toasted ciabatta
Sleep feeding
A couple of episodes of Happy Endings
whilst the baby sleeps
I met a friend and her boys for a hot chocolate
Picked up the last bounty pack at Superdrug - what a waste of time.
Then watched Going the Distance whilst we waited for daddy to return from football (again)

 And lastly had a Friday night take-away as a date night treat!
(Photos taken from google as forgot my phone)
 What is your Friday night treat?

19 Sep 2013

A Day in the Life: Thursday...

Today was a slightly more mundane day and the drizzly weather saw us house bound with lots of chores to catch up on. 

As you can see he was unimpressed by this!

 I received some happy mail from Ruth over here.
Very cute journalling cards. 

 Outfit 1 of the day for The Baby. 

 Some slouching in the morning watching trashy telly.

Then whilst The Baby slept...

 Some bottles got washed.

Some bottles got sterilised.

And sheets got washed.

Baby woke up and needed changing.

This led to outfit number as he had a little accident when he was changed.
Surfaces got wiped. (I told you it was a rock'n'roll kinda day!) 

 Baby got fed and cuddled and then slept.

Plus we did his eight week photo shoot.

His post-sleep change led to...
yep you've guessed it - change number three!

Daddy returned home and websites were surfed, whilst baby slept.

 He got fed and burped. 

He enjoyed playing games with daddy.

Pizza was eaten.

with wedges.

Some crafting was done.

A page was completed.

And everyone was thoroughly exhausted before bedtime.
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