16 Sep 2013

Musings on Motherhood: Two months old!

  • His smile is more frequent. Sometimes its a half smile in his sleep (cynics would call this wind) but in the last few weeks it has developed into a big inane grin. It initially seemed unconnected to our attempts, but recently he has been giving us big beaming smiles in response to our goofy faces. Sometimes he is just smiling at the ceiling or the lights. They are quite the comedians - it would seem. 
  • Initially we were wishing the weeks away "can't wait till he can sit up" and "can't wait to take him on day trips to the zoo" but as he grows I realise that we just need to really appreciate this baby phase. So there have been lots of cuddles and yes sometimes I spoil him and let him sleep in my arms for hours. I love my warm, snuggly little bundle of joy.
  • The Belgian has returned to work and I was initially nervous about how I would cope, but I am pleased to report we are managing well and have a nice little routine. He is popular with the old ladies and shop keepers in our town.  Something of a local celebrity it would appear.
  • We let him snuggle in with mummy and daddy after his early morning feed (despite the midwives advice!). I love watching his little chest puff up and down as if he has just run a marathon. And as for those little sounds he makes in his sleep. Love them...
  •  He is like a little terrier with his bottle as he tries to get the teet in his mouth. It's very endearing.
  • He is growing into more of his clothes now and so I am enjoying playing dress up. My own little ken doll. But so much cuter.
  • I love his chubby little digits.
  • We love bathing him and wrapping him up in a snuggly towel at the end of it all.
Working on it:
  • Our nearest family member's are two and a half hours away so we have struggled along with these first two months alone. This has been tough and has led to some relentless early mornings and long, grizzly evenings where we are both desperate for a rest. Daddy has been seen escaping to the little boy's room with his tablet - more than once! (But a shout out to Auntie Mara who has done four nights for us!)
  • Asda meltdowns. No other supermarket. Perhaps he's a snob and Asda smart price makes him weep. I noticed as we nipped into Waitrose (to scan the reduced bins) he was the model baby.
  • Whose turn is it in the evening? Now that The Belgian is back at work I am doing all of the night feeds and then look after him all day long the evenings seem to be no-man's land. We are both really tired and we both feel that it is the other ones' turn to feed/cuddle/sooth/change...
  • On the subject of changing this kid can go through three or four outfits in a day. He seems to save his dirty nappies for;
           a) when we are out and nowhere near a baby changing facility
           b) when we are just about to leave the house and are already running late
          c) when we are at a childless couples house. A spotless house.
  • I have been to a few mummy and baby 'coffee mornings' - trying to put myself out there on the mummy scene. It is just like being back in the school playground on the first day of secondary school. But instead of worrying if your school bag is trendy enough you're experiencing serious pram envy and hoping that your baby won't be the one screaming the place down. Also the whole bottle feeding stigma rears its ugly head as the earth mothers smugly nurse their babies and I feel inferior and the need to justify myself and blurt out, "but I did try!" However, having received lots of positive and reassuring feedback on my one month post where I revealed the guilt I was feeling over bottle feeding I am getting over it. So thanks for your support bloggers and I am aware that breast feeding mother's also experience many trials and difficulties. One of which is feeling nervous or awkward about feeding in public, thus forcing them to stay in and hibernate. So I have got a lot of respect to nursing mothers and just refer to them as 'smug earth mothers' in jest!
        I am also pleased to note that I listed the negative first in the one month post, but now I am listing   
        the positives first! Score!


  1. Awhh it sounds like you are adjusting well! Its funny that u mentioned "The ASDA meltdown", im beginning to think it's a real thing as my friend has the same problem (apparently her baby cried slightly less in sainsburys), so i joked that she should take her to Waitrose because maybe she is a food shop snob! xxx

  2. Aww, absolutely adore that top photo! His smile is gorgeous! Love that he is a supermarket snob...he must definitely take after his Granny! but what's with the 2 months alone business? We spent nearly a week with you! and did some lie in duties on the Scotland weekend and we don't get a shout out psh! ah but I love his local celeb status...how could everyone not love him, he's the cutest baby ever!

  3. awww lovely post, pleased you are doing well. I dread the idea of the politics around the 'mummy' groups but can see how they would be helpful, I will happily meet up if you want, though early days here, your in Leeds right?


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