24 Mar 2012

A crucial mini break...

I hinted in an earlier post about some life changing decisions and interviews. Basically my husbands been having a tough time getting a job in England - or in fact deciding which career he wants! I know that many Brits are in a similar position and since Christmas he made it clear he wants to move. He's Belgian and speaks five languages, including of course English, and so I always felt this was the skill to place him at an advantage in the job market.
I started researching international schools and was quite tempted by the finantial package, but also the ethos. Controlled assessments, early entry examinations and so much red tape has dominated my teaching career in the last two years and I just want to be able to teach again. I had an interview for Hong Kong and wasn't successful, but it was good practice for Monday when I will be interviewed by the British School of Brussels. I think there are the best chances for the Belgian here!
This layout is all about 'laying roots' our wish to actually have a place to call home. Or indeed just our own home! The journalling makes light of the fact that we never actually discussed where we would live before we got married! So Mel! Let me tell you. But here I am blogging in Brussels and I am ready for a new adventure.

 Here are some pics of my snazzy hotel room - I can highly recommed it. Hotel Bloom! Each room has a unique painting on the wall and mine is all Jack in the Beanstalk-esque and very cool. It promises to make me the star in my own fairy tale - sounds good! I just wish that my Prince Charming was here too! ;)

I am watching the new BBC show The Voice. I can get all my fav things the other side of the channel.
Fingers crossed for Monday hey!

17 Mar 2012

Jelly Belly World Layout...

Since our first taste as kids we LOVED Jelly Belly jelly beans. I think we first tried them at the delicious food hall in Selfridges. My favourite flavours have always been lemon, coconut and of course root beer. For authenticity I have always loved the watermelon flavour and how it's green on the outside and redish pink in the middle - yum! We even joined the Jelly Belly club too and used to get sent little bags of samples of new flavours before they were released.
So when we were in California for Lewis' wedding last summer and saw a leaflet for Jelly Belly world in Fairfax, just a few miles north of where we were. So once we got the wedding over and done with we zoomed up there and it was worth the detour.

The tour was FREE and you got plenty of sample - see photo below - our favourite part. It was interesting to see all the different steps that went into it.
I went for lots of polka dots and bright bold colour.
The cafe even had jelly bean shaped food and although it was a cute novelty, it was pretty bland pizza!

The layout for this page was inspired by a starting point of Shimelle's

What is your favourite flavour Jelly Belly? 
Does anyone actually like the chocolate pudding one?!

12 Mar 2012

Loving the banter...

I am loving scrapping with photobooth pics.
I decided to make this page about the English office banter.
The photos feature some of colleagues and I messing about.
I matted the title with gold paint.
I used a mish mash of old papers from my scrap bag.
I even dug out some old brads - remember those?
I used a journalling spot and cut a robin off an old Christmas card as I felt that it was missing something.
I like the festive feel of this colour combo.
We have some great 'in jokes' about the scarcity of glue, other colleagues (naturally) and funny anecdotes about the kids we teach. These jokes would not be funny to anyone esle. We also have a lot of rage over the photocopier malfunctioning, but I suspect this is common place in most offices!?

In other news I am also loving the spring sunshine and went on lots of pretty walks this weekend.
What are you loving at the moment?

Linking up with Sarah's Cards challenge about your job

10 Mar 2012

10 Things: An ode to my love of scarves...

Some scarves I own are floral don't you know?
Some are cosy to keep me warm in the snow.
Some keep me blinging in glimmer and glitz,
Whilst others remind me of romantic bliss!
Lepord print and navy for feeding the ducks,
Skull 'n' crossbone for the girl who has guts!
A polka dot pressie for Christmas day,
A mild but voluminous number in grey,
Big, bold polka dots for New Years Eve,
Tiny little polka dots and style is achieved!        

6 Mar 2012

Not entitled?

Okay so a very cheesy pun in the title. My students would all be rolling their eyes!
Are you like me and often get stuck on the title? The above layout of a photo shoot we did for our two year anniversary and although I was happy with the composition I was struggling to think of a title. I already had 'two years' on the card in the pic and so I didn't want to repeat that. So I went with lyrics and made the title 'You got the Love.' I kept thinking of a lyric from Ben Folds song  Still Fighting it which is 'We're still fighting' but I felt this sounded too negative. In the song it's meant as in we're still doing alright and that is the sentiment I feel about us. I'm a realist and not overly soppy. I love my chick flicks, but think in real life after two year we are still fighting fit!

So I thought that I would look back at some of my scrapping and do a feature of titles for layouts.
I love thinking of creative ideas for presenting the title - but the first stumbling block is thinking of the perfect title for a layout. I often use poems, song lyrics or phrases as they are short, snappy and can bring back memories linked to the layout.
I will share below some different ideas for presenting your title...

The title is hand cut from patterned paper and then backed on black. I do not have the patience for this anymore but think its effective and chunky. The was to scrap one of those 'just because' pics and so I needed quite a generic title.
This is a straight to the point title stating what the pics are actually of. I pained the chipboard with paint and I liked the random effect of only painting some of the letters.
Mini letter stickers and then paint on stamps. I used my foam stamps which I don't mind getting too messy. This title is a common phrase and was perfect for a pic of us all on the bench on holiday.
Chunky title using American Craft thickers and the first part of it on letter stickers on a mounted doilie. The doilie is backed up by distressed cardstock. 

Do you have a 'default' setting with your titles? Do you always reach for the thickers when there may be a more creative option?
Ever wondered what to do with all the random left over thickers on the sheet? Check out my post here.

5 Mar 2012

A treat from the Carmel bakery...

So on the return leg of our California trip we stopped off in Carmel for the day. It was an overcast day and so our beach pics were not as stunning as we'd hoped. We wondered all round, along the beach and enjoyed using the self-timer on our camera to get a few 'group' shots.
We stopped off at an exclusive looking bakery. My husband said he didn't really want anything and so he waited outside with our stuff. My sister and I were licking our lips and chose some tasty pastries and cakes for ourselves. At the counter a bowl of colourful gingerbread biscuits caught my eye and so I requested one for my 'husband' who was waiting outside. A very camp shop assistant informed me that unless I was married to a dog they wouldn't be appropriate. My sister and I couldn't stop laughing at the thought that we had almost brought a dog biscuit for Arne! I expressed my surprise that people would actually buy biscuits for their dogs and he shrugged his shoulders and said,
"Welcome to Carmel!"

So I have used a sketch from an old copy of Creating Keepsakes to make this 'epic' double layout. It took me months to complete it and to make sure it was all balanced. I used stickers and lots of punched out butterflies to embellish the layout and give both sides unity.

Would any of you buy a biscuit for your dog from the bakery?

Linking up to Sian's fantastic storytelling Sunday.
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