6 Mar 2012

Not entitled?

Okay so a very cheesy pun in the title. My students would all be rolling their eyes!
Are you like me and often get stuck on the title? The above layout of a photo shoot we did for our two year anniversary and although I was happy with the composition I was struggling to think of a title. I already had 'two years' on the card in the pic and so I didn't want to repeat that. So I went with lyrics and made the title 'You got the Love.' I kept thinking of a lyric from Ben Folds song  Still Fighting it which is 'We're still fighting' but I felt this sounded too negative. In the song it's meant as in we're still doing alright and that is the sentiment I feel about us. I'm a realist and not overly soppy. I love my chick flicks, but think in real life after two year we are still fighting fit!

So I thought that I would look back at some of my scrapping and do a feature of titles for layouts.
I love thinking of creative ideas for presenting the title - but the first stumbling block is thinking of the perfect title for a layout. I often use poems, song lyrics or phrases as they are short, snappy and can bring back memories linked to the layout.
I will share below some different ideas for presenting your title...

The title is hand cut from patterned paper and then backed on black. I do not have the patience for this anymore but think its effective and chunky. The was to scrap one of those 'just because' pics and so I needed quite a generic title.
This is a straight to the point title stating what the pics are actually of. I pained the chipboard with paint and I liked the random effect of only painting some of the letters.
Mini letter stickers and then paint on stamps. I used my foam stamps which I don't mind getting too messy. This title is a common phrase and was perfect for a pic of us all on the bench on holiday.
Chunky title using American Craft thickers and the first part of it on letter stickers on a mounted doilie. The doilie is backed up by distressed cardstock. 

Do you have a 'default' setting with your titles? Do you always reach for the thickers when there may be a more creative option?
Ever wondered what to do with all the random left over thickers on the sheet? Check out my post here.


  1. What a fun peek at your title work! Yes - totally guilty as a "grab the thickers" kind of girl. Wait...the page I did today didn't use them! Had them all packed for a crop. LOL! But, it was extra fun to be challenged that way. Thanks for sharing these! Off to check out your leftover thickers post!

  2. I think you should regain your patience for the hand cut title - I like it. I can't believe you wanted to put we're still fighting as the title - classic! I go straight for the thickers every time - guilty as charged.


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