17 Mar 2012

Jelly Belly World Layout...

Since our first taste as kids we LOVED Jelly Belly jelly beans. I think we first tried them at the delicious food hall in Selfridges. My favourite flavours have always been lemon, coconut and of course root beer. For authenticity I have always loved the watermelon flavour and how it's green on the outside and redish pink in the middle - yum! We even joined the Jelly Belly club too and used to get sent little bags of samples of new flavours before they were released.
So when we were in California for Lewis' wedding last summer and saw a leaflet for Jelly Belly world in Fairfax, just a few miles north of where we were. So once we got the wedding over and done with we zoomed up there and it was worth the detour.

The tour was FREE and you got plenty of sample - see photo below - our favourite part. It was interesting to see all the different steps that went into it.
I went for lots of polka dots and bright bold colour.
The cafe even had jelly bean shaped food and although it was a cute novelty, it was pretty bland pizza!

The layout for this page was inspired by a starting point of Shimelle's

What is your favourite flavour Jelly Belly? 
Does anyone actually like the chocolate pudding one?!


  1. Great title and love the polka dots Mel

  2. I'm loving the title too - v.clever and the polka dots tie in perfectly with the Jelly Belly's. I hate the choc pudding flavour and I think my fave flavour is a tie up between juicy pear and root beer! Can't believe we didn't get to make it here when we did our Cali trip! x


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