5 Mar 2012

A treat from the Carmel bakery...

So on the return leg of our California trip we stopped off in Carmel for the day. It was an overcast day and so our beach pics were not as stunning as we'd hoped. We wondered all round, along the beach and enjoyed using the self-timer on our camera to get a few 'group' shots.
We stopped off at an exclusive looking bakery. My husband said he didn't really want anything and so he waited outside with our stuff. My sister and I were licking our lips and chose some tasty pastries and cakes for ourselves. At the counter a bowl of colourful gingerbread biscuits caught my eye and so I requested one for my 'husband' who was waiting outside. A very camp shop assistant informed me that unless I was married to a dog they wouldn't be appropriate. My sister and I couldn't stop laughing at the thought that we had almost brought a dog biscuit for Arne! I expressed my surprise that people would actually buy biscuits for their dogs and he shrugged his shoulders and said,
"Welcome to Carmel!"

So I have used a sketch from an old copy of Creating Keepsakes to make this 'epic' double layout. It took me months to complete it and to make sure it was all balanced. I used stickers and lots of punched out butterflies to embellish the layout and give both sides unity.

Would any of you buy a biscuit for your dog from the bakery?

Linking up to Sian's fantastic storytelling Sunday.


  1. No i wouldn't! lol!! the thought of a dog biscuit in a bakery next to a cake i might buy...yuck! lol! Great story and fantastic double spread x

  2. I wouldn't, no! Love the story and its a really lovely LO!

  3. Carmel, that's Clint eastwood country, isn't it? Great story!

  4. I don't have a dog but that story really made me laugh!

  5. I'm another who laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I would definitely for Sunny! I like the patterned edges of the pages, they add some interest and the title is my fave! except my diss supervisor at undergrad was called Carmel and so that name brings back bad memories - she was a meanie!

  7. There are dog biscuits here at a local bakery - vegetarian and made out of organic ingredients too ;)

  8. Your story just goes to prove that there's something funny, something memorable about almost everything you do. The trick is first to notice it and the second is to record it so you can be reminded, sometime later, of a special memory. You've done both--goood for you!


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