29 Feb 2012

Hump day hippy van...

Did that title catch your attention?
Our post Ofsted slump is really hitting in.
Our Head of Department had to ply us with kettle chips, jaffa cakes and malteasers in our meeting after school.
There is some sort of big football match on telly so I have been outsted to the scrap room.
Not a bad thing.
I am watching some reruns of Educating Essex.
I must be a glutton for punishment.
So here is an 'out there' layout that I made about the hippy van in Santa Barbara.
I stamped a title, stamped a border, used bottle caps for a title map, layered paper and patterns.

I think it is quite fitting for the subject matter.
The hippy van was awesome and I circulated it for ages to check out all the little details.
The guy who owns it is raking it in as he charges a dollar for a photo and obvs all the tourists want a pic.
Roll on Friday...


  1. amazing van - well worth a dollar Mel,just to have the photos to scrap xx

  2. Love your LO. That is a beautiful van, no wonder he was making money.

  3. I love the bottle caps in the title, so fun! man I've been out of the blogging loop for a while, you've been busy!!


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