1 Feb 2012

January in numbers...

So January has scarily flown by and it's been a busy month with lots of difficult decision making to be made!
Number of sales bargains: 5 including this vintage jumper below (love it!) Excuse the moody pic!

 Number of layouts completed: 18 (it's been a booster month! A lot of them have just been completed and were started ages ago!)
 Hen do's attended and afternoon tea consummed: 1. A week after attending this cute tearoom is Ilkley I took my hubby to try the delicious homemade scones and sandwiches and the lady told us it would take 20 mins, which we didn't mind as we were chilling out anyways and having a lazy Saturday. But it was twenty minutes (at least) until the guy took our order and he went to ask her if she 'minded' making another afternoon tea as she seemed to be a bit stressed out with her six tables! He came back and said she 'didn't want' to make another one. How ridiculous is this? We found it hilarious how unprofessional they were! So we left...
Here is the hen enjoying her tea!
January has also marked the start of Thursday night pub quiz night. First week we lost of the tie breaker, second week we didn't fare so well and last week we WON! Woo hoo! Ten is the amount of drinks vouchers we won!
Since that's all I can really share for now (more on that another month) 
I will leave it there...

How was your Janaury?


  1. Hi Mel.

    Thanks for joining in with Month in Numbers this month - I've pinned oyur post to the Pinterest board alongside everyone else who's joined in: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

    Julie :-)

  2. Lucky you! I haven't done any 2011 layouts lately...just finished up two *2010* layouts! LOL. But I am working on January 2012 next...strangely busy month, indeed. Hope you are well!

  3. looks like you have had a busy month, 18 layouts, lucky if i do that in a year these days lol x

  4. p.s I cannot believe that tearoom - that is the worst service ever! I would have reported them to someone or something! and also are you going to an 80s fancy dress party in the top picture?! x


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