30 Mar 2010

Flight of fancy...

So the theme of the Twisted Sketches this week was flight. I searched high and low for pics of airports, flying or planes but couldn't find any. I found this cute shot of Arne and his bessie Lewis when they took a road trip around America. It looks like they're flying- I think they were on a simulator at a museum. I used lots of orange shades and my gorge new Martha Stewart border punch as I felt butterflies fitted in well with the theme. I just love using circles on my layouts. Enjoy!

26 Mar 2010

Just the two of us...

So as I wait in anticipation for the hubster to get back from footy and whisk me off to the Imax to see Alice in Wonderland I put the finishing touches to my scrapping the music layout and snapped it (sadly the sun is setting and so it's not great light quality!) I love, love, love this song and it will always remind me of camping trips in France as one trip that was just the girls on dad (the summer we joked that my parents were seperated as we had diff holidays with each!) this was the only tape we had in the car - Will Smith Just the Two of Us - and I loved it even after one hundred plays. Dad did not feel the same. So this is a pic of my sister Mara and i being water babies in Brittany. This was not that holiday as I was about four in the pic and that holiday was when I was 14. It's not a great quality snap, but it has great sentiment attached as I loved those trips. I used blues and yellows and tried to make the embellies look antiquey(sp!?) and vintagey. I distressed and inked all the edges and made the flower from old book pages. I love the big spotty brad and the misted/masked title. Enjoy!

22 Mar 2010

My new toys...

So I got some exciting new goodies at the Yorkshire craft show in Harrogate on Saturday. I kept walking past the hugely crowded Martha Stewart boarder punch store - it was like the zoo at feeding time! So I indulged and got two as they were a "special show price". I got the lace one and then a butterfly one. I regret the butterfly one and wish I had gone for the heart one which was my first instinct. I also got some cute new papers and a silver glimmer mist. I couldn't wait and made two whole "just because" layouts. One of our valentines meal in Liverpool. I *heart* the heart frame, but feel the layout needs something more. I love the Geek Chic one of my new glasses. I used a sketch from a scrap mag as inspiration as i liked the idea of a whole cluster of embellies and a monogram. Enjoy....

20 Mar 2010

Butterfly challenge...

Polka dots Orange Gingham Ribbon Butterfly Scalloped edge Turquoise Cherries Pins Felt Bling So I love challenges like this that aren't very prescriptive and give you a chance to play with all your pretty stash. I used the orange, turquoise, felt, polka dots, scalloped edge and bling. Phew! I had scrapped these pics before but was never happy with the layout so I redid it. I love using letter stickers to mask a glimmer mist title. I cheat with the scalloping by punching out lots of circles and making a scalloped edge with them. I like using lots of little pics - its very striking. Hope you like it too! x Completed for: http://butterfly-crafts.blogspot.com/2010/03/march-written-challenge.html

It's the climb...

These pics were taken outside the drama school in Liverpool on our Valentines weekend away. It made me think about the journey we have been on since we have been married. I was making the most of my new glimmer mists, which I am using on just about every layout I complete. They're fab. These little babies have to be credited to a tutorial on Laura Buckinghams blog - http://mmwwaahh211.blogspot.com/2010/03/spiral-flowers.html They were pretty easy (altho it did take me a few attempts) I inked the edges and added some glitter to them both. I love them and can see them being my new fav embellishment.
Title completed on old evelopes and using green American crafts thickers.
I addded some journalling spots to explain the layout and link the pics to the title.
I love this layout, ao thanks twisted sketches for the inspiration!

19 Mar 2010

Playing dress up...

Retro stash has to equal retro photos. Lesuire time for most of the kids I teach consists of facebook, msn and other mindless activities on their laptops. But when I was young (still am hopefully!) we went outside, what a novel idea. We rode our bikes, played blocky, paddled in the river, went on the swings and likes playing dress up! And we actually called on each other rather than texting!
So here we are at 14 on a summers day dressed up in silly costumes. I used lots of bits from an old QVC kit I had stashed away. The vellum is a real retro stash item now and has a little quotation on about cherishing happy memories. I used staples and polka dot ribbon and letter stickers. No misting or thickers for this layout! It did force me to be more creative and just use the supplies I had in the kit. I am pretty pleased with the result.

Mother's day drama...

So I will go backwards. This is Harry (our Ford KA named after my driving instructor) just before he was towed back to Leeds from Shropshire. The exhaust went. It took three different tow trucks as they have a limit to how many miles they can travel. We met some real characters, but it took us about five hours in the end. What a drama! But Mom really appreciated us coming. I made my best ever risotto (even if I do say so myself) and then Arne had made choco mousse for dessert. It was delish. We also took mom out for lunch on the Saturday to The Swan with Two Necks - service was terrible but the food was good. It was a really lovely visit and so the towing wasn't tooooo bad in comparison. Like mother like daughter with the tights hey?!

12 Mar 2010

A tribute to Juno..

So I totally love this cute film and a huge part of that was the soundtrack. Plus the opening credits are scrappers paradise. Our first valentines together was Arne's turn to organise and so it was a little lastminute.com as he is typical man in that respect. He planned for our after meal activity to be ice skating - he didn't tell me this when I came out in heels and no socks...soooo we abandoned that idea and a passing bus advertising Juno urged us to go and see it. It did not dissapoint and I have since rewatched it many times. This song is just too cute and so I was so glad that scrapping the music chose it this week.
I chose the lyric "Part time lover and a full time friend" as I felt it describes our relationship very well, as rather soppily he probably is my bf. It reminded me of these pics of us making our wedding invites together. The journalling reads "What other hubby would help his fiancee make wedding invites?" It is a girly job but since my girls live so far away he willingly helped me. I was a difficult task master insisting he retied his bows and didn't use too much glue, but he put up with it and still married me! Ha!! It turned out to be quite a random page but I feel this reflects the movie well, and us!
I also got my mist sprays this week and wanted to try them out, but I had already made the Lo and so they ended up going all over the pics and wouldn't just wipe off like inks - oooppps! So you just have to appreciate the grungy look of this!
Off to Shropshire now for mother's day.
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