19 Mar 2010

Mother's day drama...

So I will go backwards. This is Harry (our Ford KA named after my driving instructor) just before he was towed back to Leeds from Shropshire. The exhaust went. It took three different tow trucks as they have a limit to how many miles they can travel. We met some real characters, but it took us about five hours in the end. What a drama! But Mom really appreciated us coming. I made my best ever risotto (even if I do say so myself) and then Arne had made choco mousse for dessert. It was delish. We also took mom out for lunch on the Saturday to The Swan with Two Necks - service was terrible but the food was good. It was a really lovely visit and so the towing wasn't tooooo bad in comparison. Like mother like daughter with the tights hey?!

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  1. Would like to hear about some of the characters! have been trying to call all week but unsuccessful as usual! Love the pic of you and Mom..check out my blog for my mother/daughter pic! Hope Harry's all better now! xxx


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