19 Mar 2010

Playing dress up...

Retro stash has to equal retro photos. Lesuire time for most of the kids I teach consists of facebook, msn and other mindless activities on their laptops. But when I was young (still am hopefully!) we went outside, what a novel idea. We rode our bikes, played blocky, paddled in the river, went on the swings and likes playing dress up! And we actually called on each other rather than texting!
So here we are at 14 on a summers day dressed up in silly costumes. I used lots of bits from an old QVC kit I had stashed away. The vellum is a real retro stash item now and has a little quotation on about cherishing happy memories. I used staples and polka dot ribbon and letter stickers. No misting or thickers for this layout! It did force me to be more creative and just use the supplies I had in the kit. I am pretty pleased with the result.


  1. I love the polka dot ribbon! seductive fairy? you certainly were showing a considerable amount of thigh!! calling on people..those were the days!x

  2. You mean you've actually done a page not for competition! i love the dress lettering and the way all the arrows and lines work together in the page. I recognise that little green paperclip - hope you weren't helping yourself last weekend! I'll send you those recipes from my course, i'm going to a scrapbooking and craft show today at kensington olympia so hopefully I'll see some new ideas. Have a good weekend xx p.s in the paper yesterday they had a review of an emerging american singer called Joshua Radin - i downloaded his album called simple times its really good - kind of a cross between jack johnson and another guy i can't remember the name off! x

  3. That stash is perfect for that fab photo! Thanks for taking part in our challenge.

  4. great page hun, fab photo, thanks for joining in the challenge x

  5. Perfect paper/photo/colour combo here! great layout too, thanx for playing along! :)


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