6 Apr 2020

Surviving our first two weeks in lockdown...

I thought that these unpredented times of global pandemic needed documenting. The whole situation seemed to escalate very quickly and I think it hit us most when we tried to go on a usual Saturday afternoon jaunt to Costco, to stock up on a big bag of rice and rather optimistically loo rolls, and it was like an end of days film. Queues all the way back to the meat section, fights over queue pushing and agressive disagreements over the rights to the last bag of rice. It was insane.
A week later schools were 'shut' for the forseeable and we were adjusting to teaching online and home schooling our kids. Once the kids school shut we headed straight to Leeds train station to pick up Aunty Mara who wanted (under some pressure from us!) to lockdown with us - rather than being stuck in her poky flat in London - the epicentre of Covid-19 in England!

So we'll start with Mia the Maker - this is her new lockdown name. If there is a craft project on pinterest than Mia has done it this fortnight. Luckily our craft cupboard was overflowing, and much neglected prior to lockdown, so her options were plenty. Now all our rubbish is getting recycled - elephants made from empty milk cartons, handbags from empty pop bottles, Easter eggs from pizza boxes and everywhere is covered in a liberal dose of glitter and washi tape! Her bedroom is overflowing with junk modelling and pictures washi taped to the wall! In fact she's had tantrums when we won't let her make anything as we are too tired - we tried to appease her by showing her old episodes of Art Attack on youtube - but of course she just came away with a list as long as her arm of new craft projects she wanted to complete! Ellis is a bit concerned about her newfound obsession and accused her of, 'destroying the house with her crafts!'
Of course we're glad they've got each other but that dynamic is wearing thin as is the job of mediating their squabbles! She's very similar to me - chatty and outgoing, loves an audience - so I think she is missing her friends the most out of everyone. She loves to be out and about and is finding confinement tough - but I know she's also enjoying her time with family being creative and making everything! She's also Aunty Mara's official shadow and has been loving baking with her, giving her makeovers and crafting with her.

Ellis had also been enjoying creating things - like a Captain Underpants magazine, 'Victorian sponge' like he's made at school before and one day when Mia was poorly, with a high temperature, he made her an under the sea display in the window. Ever the considerate older brother!
I think he's secretly quite enjoying not having to go to school. He's had a few chats with his friends on facetime - this has mostly consisted of them changing their football tops five times during the chat and showing each other their karate and boxing moves! He's also been pretty good at following our home school schedule (I know there's been a lot of animsity towards these on social media but he's definitely someone who responds well to a schedule and it helps to plan our day out) - with the exception of anything involving writing - which has been the theme throughout his schooling. He's especially enjoyed competing against his classmates in mathletics.
He's especially enjoyed the arrival of Disney Plus (very well timed Disney I must say!) and the promise of an episode of Ducktails have got him through many an afternoon of homeschooling! He always claims he hates going for walks but then the minute he gets out in nature he's running like the wind and loving life. I've always maintained that young children are like dogs and they need regular walks in the fresh air to get the wiggles out. We've found our local sports centre carpark has been a good location for early morning scooting and bike riding.

Everyone should have an Aunty Mara in their lives - especially during a lockdown. I am well aware we are in a very privileged position of having three adults to two children ratio and I really feel for families who are outnumbered by several children, or who are lone parenting and lacking adult company or who are locked down in a small, confined spaces or flas with no garden or balcony. I am so very grateful we moved prior to lockdown as the extra space of the playroom and dining room has been invaluable to us.
Anyways back to Aunty Mara...she bakes, cooks and entertains the kids all day long - she's far more patient than both of us put together and the kids adore her. She's turned into a baking fiend - producing daily treats - my lips say thanks, but my hips not so much! Luckily leggings and pj pants are the new normal and are very forgiving for all those extra pounds! If there is a bakery in London offering an insta live cook-a-long she's there with our precious few eggs and flour baking up a storm. So far there's been delicious and chewy chocolate chip cookies, fudgy brownies, scones, Victoria sponge sandwiches, apple crumble and banana bread. She's also enjoying doing quizzes - guess the emojis of London underground stations, guess the London landmark from the photo and our favourite of the week - Nineties Boybands Quiz! We've also been reliving our childhoods watching Honey I Shrunk the Kid and Sister Act. Arne is officially outnumbered...

I've been enjoying wearing minimal make-up, not having to wash my hair as frequently and wearing lounge wear every day. Basically being Waynetta the slob! I do miss my me time and this lockdown helps you to realise how much we take for granted our little freedoms - like nipping to the shops, meeting a friend for brunch in a cafe or letting the kids burn off energy in the soft play. I know who would have thought it - I'm missing tacky Wacky! I am doing too much online 'window' shopping and am hoping to get some house projects sorted whilst we have the time.
My daily walks are giving me life and we're enjoying exploring more of the local area - my favourite location for a walk is the forest. We've got the tiktok app and are enjoying watching lots of the funny dance challenges and even taking part ourselves. One of our low points was a whole afternoon spent dressing everyone up as members of the Spice Girls ready to do a tiktok only for Sporty Spice to have an epic meltdown about the fact they had to perform a backflip in the music video for Wannabe and how it was, 'totally unfair as no-one else had to do hard stuff!' He also wasn't happy when we tried to put him in a tie top! I'll let you guess which member of the family it was...?

Last, but by no means least, The Belgian. He's been glued to his I-Pad replying to parents and setting virtual tasks for his classes to ignore. Just in case I wanted him to complete DIY projects he downloaded his favourite stalling platform - Football Manager. The very reason he failed two years in high school and almost failed his uni dissertation! What was I thinking allowing this? I didn't. I just saw it come up on our online banking! The dining room wall that I wanted to be painted Banana Split yellow (thanks Dulux) remained white for the whole two weeks- until about an hour ago as he didn't want to be outed on the blog! Haha nothing like the threat of public shaming to get a man painting!

He's also given himself the role of Lockdown Quizmaster and is running weekly quizzes on zoom for all our friends as a way to keep everyone is touch. He takes these quizzes very seriously and they have multiple rounds - he dresses up and there was even a Bingo grid fashioned from a pizza box in this weeks quiz. Everyone has enjoyed staying connected this way and a bit of 'friendly' competition.

I must admit it feels strange to be heading into the Easter holidays in lockdown. No visits to the local farm for lambing season and eggs hunts and face painting fun, no ridiculously hard Easter egg hunts at Rara and Granny's house, no visits from our Belgian family, no days out and picnics with friends and no cinema trips. We are having to more creative and use the resources that we've got.

I am sure, even with the underlying anxiety and horror show of the news as a backdrop, we will look back at this time fondly even though sometimes it can feel intense and frustrating and confining. Enforced family time. A chance for me to realise we don't always have to go out to have a good time. A chance to save money. To take stock. To snack incessantly. Binge watch Disney Plus. Remember what matters most is family and friends.

Stay safe everyone! I know many of you are facing uncertain times - finantial hardship, loss and heartache. I'm also aware we haven't reached our peak yet and I have so much admiration for all the key workers and NHS staff fighting this deadly virus. Those Thursday night claps also give us life and are such an emotional reminder that we're all in this together!

28 Mar 2020

Mia turns four!

Mia turns four!

Favourite things to do... You love to be out and about exploring. You love going to the local cafes - especially Temple Donut (you're obsessed with their sprinkle donuts) and Clare often takes you to McDonalds on Tuesdays when it's a Mia and Clare day. You enjoy soft plays, scooting round Yeadon Tarn, going to the library to chose new books and going shopping. I get a glimpse into the future as you sashay round H&M or Primark selecting items to try on! You do love a little wardrobe refresh. You also love in when the online food shop arrives and know exactly where everything goes and love to help me unpack everything. You have serious FOMO and if I'm going anywhere - no matter how mundane - the tip, Ellis' karate class - you've got your shoes on and are joining us for it!

Interests... You're obsessed with anything girly and princessy. Your favourite princess is Rapunzel and you love watching Tangled. You like dressing up too. You like watching Creative Galaxy on amazon Prime and then completing the craft projects they suggest. You like painting, cutting and sticking and using mummy's craft supplies.

Friends... You started at Westfield Nursery with your bestie Carmen and enjoyed sliding into the class everyday and finding your picture and posting them into the postbox. After October half term you switched to Guiseley as we moved and you adapted really well. Your best pal is called Theo and we've had a play date with him - he loves dressing up too and you seem to enjoy laughing together and have a similar sense of humour! You also play with Chloe, Bethany, Penny and Tabitha. Some of them came to your princess party. Your pre-school teachers Mrs Hinchcliffe and Mrs Bradbury are very proud of you and say they'd like to keep you for another year!

A week after we moved we hosted your Princess Party at the house. You'd planned it all meticulously - pass the parcel, musical bumps, pin the crown on the princess and then when we got desperate wink murder (which was quite amusing when none of the kids could wink!) You got some lovely presents from all of your friends including a muscial box with a ballerina, wooden food, sticker books and a barbie car! 

Ellis turns six!

Nothing like quarantine to get jobs done...So Ellis you turned six (last July!) much like the day you arrived and mummy and daddy's wedding day (four years prior to this date) it was a sweltering heat wave. So we asked you what you wanted to do to celebrate the day and you chose Pizza Express and the indoor funfair in Harrogate. Pizza Express is a family favourite and you enjoyed dough balls and crudites to start with, chicken pizza for the main course and a lolly for dessert. They sung to you and you enjoyed completing the puzzle booklet.

Afterwards we had two hours in the indoor funfair. You're quite the dare devil and went on all the rollercoaster, the chair ride, the big inflatable slide and lastly the ghost train. This was quite funny as you both insisted on going on the ghost train, but I wasn't sure if it would be too scary for Mia and couldn't see how you were finding it as you were in the dark tunnel. I was feeling a bit anxious and as the doors burst open you were grinning from ear to ear , whereas Mia was screaming and crying. You did have a supportive arm around her as you're always the protective big brother.

We decided on a bowling party this year at Shipley Bowling Alley. You and the boys were very competative as you each took your turn and were always staring at the score board! You enjoyed the time in the arcades afterwards and the food. I made you Pokemon cupcakes and you had a big Pikachu balloon for the photo op. It was a fun afternoon with all your friends - in fact it was the day of two parties as you went to Pheobe's Frozen party in the moning! Mummy found this type of party a lot less stressful than the ones she organises normally!

Your favourite things to do...you love riding round on your fancy new bike from Oma - we have a cycle path near to our house with McDonalds at the end so on a nice evening we scoot, cycle and run over and get an ice-cream. You love to read especially David Walliams books and the Beano. You are still a telly addict and love cartoons particularly Pokemon at the moment, hence why this is your party theme this year. You love a family outing to the cinema and we have seen Angry Birds 2, Toy Story 4, Small Foot and Incredibles 2. You've started going to karate every week and love your teacher Andy - you have progressed to your orange stripe belt and we're always really proud of you at your gradings. You love to build tricky Lego sets and often gets lots from all of your relatives for birthdays and Christmas. You've also got into chess at Hopscotch and the guy who runs it says you can even beat him - and he's not letting you win!

School... you've been very lucky to have a fantastic teacher this year - Mrs Nolan. She's deputy head and has passed on a love for nature to you as she's fascinated by owls and birds and even has an owl live feed on her computer. You're always telling me fantastic facts about owls and birds when we're out and about. We were so proud as you were chosen for The Headteacher's Award from your class. You smiled your coy smile as you stood next to Mrs Lowry and listened to the speech all about how wonderfully you shone, how much progress you'd made and how you'd really improved the size of your handwriting! We then had cake in the sweaty staff room with all the other winners.

You bring so much joy to our lives, have a real love of learning and love a bit of praise! We love you lots! xxx

21 Dec 2018

Mia turns three!

Eats: All the snacks and not much else. You've gone through a really fussy stage and mainly eat pasta, sausages or wraps and then lots of fruit and snacks. You could graze all day long. Your favourite treats are ice-cream, jelly tots, Haribo, cheese strings and cookies. You're obsessed with packed lunches and love going for a picnic too.

Says: All the things! This year your talking has really taken off and now you can converse easily in sentences and you amaze us all the time with the little phrases you come out with. You're a really chatterbox in the morning and the rest of us are grumpy and quiet and you just chatter on and on. You get giddy and love to laugh and joke with everyone. We recently went Christmas shopping in Debenhams and you were charming all the elderly customers in the lift telling them all about your wet boots and how you brother Ellis was at school. My favourite misunderstandings of yours are when you call your high chair 'a cot' and hand soap 'ketchup!' When I ask if you need the toilet you say, 'no thank-you!' So polite! If we ever thank-you for anything you say, 'you're welcome!' 

Personality: You're very mischievous and cheeky and love to mess around with everyone. You like to wind up your big brother and recently you've been bickering with each other more . You're very enthusiastic and its so cute to see you get so excited about everything - especially your pink party! We've been planning it since July and you're always running through your guest list in the car. Your very bright and have a very good memory.

Playing: You love a good run around at the park or soft play and especially being pushed n the swings and going down the slide. You love to play with all the dollies and accessories - particularly bags which you stuff full of all the things and carry round everywhere with you. At Clare's you like pushing two single buggies together like its a double pram. You love playing in Clare's toy kitchen and making her 'wunch.' You're quite crafty and love making cards with mummy and baking. You love dancing along to music and often know the words to popular songs on the radio.

Funny memories: So many - you always brighten up our days with your funny little actions and personality. On your birthday we went to Five Guys and you just stood up in your chair and were grooving along with the music - not caring who was watching!
You also had your first run in with the law! We went to Bicester shopping outlet and you and Ellis joined Rara in a posh shop and he clearly wasn't being very vigilant. Next minute Mia came running out holding a box, followed closely by a young security guard asking you to 'stop' and trying to stop you without actually touching or restraining you. Next minute daddy joined the race! I couldn't stop laughing! It is everyone's favourite story! So cheeky! You also love your accessories and it was a £200 belt inside the box!

Favourite places: On your birthday I asked where you wanted to go and you said, 'supermarket.' You do love shopping and running errands with mummy and hate being left out of anything - hence why you come to karate with us every week, You love going to Bramble Bakehouse for cake and Goose for a play and cake and Temple Donut...do we see a pattern emerging here? We often go to the playbarn with your buddy Carmen on my days off. You're a real daddy's girl and love family days out on Saturdays. 

Ellis turns five!

Well, Ellis, it's been a fantastic year with so many achievements and adjustments that you've taken in your stride.

Favourite things to do... You're still a fan of trampoline parks and we recently discovered Jumperooz and you enjoyed it. You are obsessed with water parks and love the indoor one in Bruges (especially the rapids as they go really fast and the one in Furtuerventura - especially since they were very lax on the rules and let you go on all the big water slides!) You're really proud of learning to ride your bike without stabilisers and you whizz round Yeadon Tarn and Ilkley Park and love, love, love the skate ramps even though they make me extremely anxious! You love a cinema and cafe date as well - daddy sometimes takes you to see a Saturday morning show and mummy takes you to Morrisons cafe after school and you love cakes and treats as you chat to me about your day.

To celebrate any special occasion you always want a fancy meal at...Hotdonalds! You've progressed from fish fingers and chicken nuggets to cheese burgers and chocolate milkshakes. We asked you recently your favourite place in Yeadon and you said Morrisons as it's so big and has kinder eggs! We like to trawl the charity shops looking for new puzzles and DVDs - you can do 100 piece puzzles now and your favourite is your Scooby Doo one and you love your Minions, Sing and Scooby Doo DVDs.

Friends... Your friendship circle has really changed now you've started school. You have a good group of friends from your class: Lucas, Holly, James, Dougie, Thomas, Leo and Max. You're also friends with Owen and Oliver in blue class. You've enjoyed going on play dates and checking out everyone's toys! You and Mia generally get along really well too and she has definitely missed you now you're at school.

Your first year in school has been a success. You've loved your teacher Mrs Sharp as she is really fun and enthusiastic and has a little girl Olivia your age. She loves dressing up and the Disney film Moana - so you gave her the poster we got free in the cinema! You've enjoyed the routine and joining in with star moments and show and tell.

What's your name? Ellis at 5

How old are you? Five

When is your birthday? In July

How old is your mummy? Umm…I don't know

How old is your daddy? 100

What's your favourite colour? Green

What's your favourite food? Hot dogs

Who's your bestfriend? Lucas

What's your favourite tv programme? Yoki Watch

What's your favourite film? Minions 1

What's your favourite song? This is me (Greatest Showman)

What's your favourite animal? Guinea Pigs

What are you scared of? Monsters

What makes you happy? Mummy 

30 Aug 2018

Lets talk about reward charts....

Five weeks into the summer holidays with lots of long road trips and I was feeling a bit broken. Constant whining, squabbling, mess and refusal to follow instructions and I was done. So I decided to reinstate REWARD  CHARTS - can you tell I'm a teacher?

So I made a very basic chart and decided upon three 'targets' for Mia and four for Ellis (as he's older!) to address the behavior issues that were cropping up. His were about not hitting his sister, following instructions first time, no tantrums and to write three sentences a day (very reluctant writer over here!). Hers were no hitting her brother (do you see a pattern emerging here?), to not take her brothers' toys and to brush her teeth nicely. Teeth brushing was a particularly grueling and harrowing process of pinning her down and lots of screaming which we dreaded every evening. Each day they would get a tick if they achieved each target. Mia is only two and a half but she willingly let me brush her teeth for the first time ever in return for her tick - we were onto something here!

If they got the majority of ticks they got a smiley face for that day and if they got enough smiley faces they got a treat at the end of the week. On the whole it worked and Ellis was definitely more willing to write (he has a holiday scrapbook project which has been lingering all holidays) and the change in Mia's attitude to teeth brushing was remarkable. Although Mia did earn her reward quicker than Ellis as he had a few 'grumpy' days. 

In perfect timing for the reward I was sent some 'Ready 2 Robot' toys to review. Ellis was delighted with them as they involve three of his favourite things:-

1) Blind bags (thanks for this Youtube!)
2) Slime- it comes in a little capsule at the top of the plastic pod with the robot's head inside. Mia really enjoyed playing with this as you can see in the picture above.
3) Construction (as you have to build the robots)

Of course his favourite thing of all was the index showing all the different robots you could collect. He's already begging for another one so it could turn out to be an expensive 'freebie' for us! They are available to buy from Smyths and there are even some mystery ones - which Ellis is keen to get his hands on.

He has sat for hours building them and they accompany him in the car (not recommended with all the small parts), to soft play, to the farm and his karate teacher even got to hear about all the inner workings of his robots and which ones he hoped to get next time

What techniques and ideas do you employ to keep your kids from killing each other in the holidays?

* I was sent these to review but all opinions included are my own. * 

2 Dec 2017

Mia turns two!

Eats: Literally everything. Mia is never not asking for a snack or trying to eat something off someone else’s plate. Loves crisps, sweets, sausages, pasta and fruit. She's been obsessed with easy peelers since the festive season begun.

Loves: Snacks (did I already mention that?) Anything that her big brother has and she loves that she has free run of his toys whilst he's at school - currently his Hot Wheels and his Buzz Lightyear. She loves stealing Ellis' toys and putting them down the back of the sofa - often the crucial piece of the Lego set he's building. Walking everywhere and pushing her push chair round - sometimes with lazy big brother in it! Loves playing with her dolly's and pushing them round in their pushchair, putting their dummy in and feeding them milk from their bottle. Her friend Finn, 'Babel' in nursery,

Says: 'Bye bye', 'night night'. 'babies', 'Ellis', 'daddy', 'mummy', 'snack', 'netflicks', 'chips', 'juice', 'sweets', 'let me see', 'here it is', 'hiya'. She makes herself known through other ways!

Personality: Really cheerful, cheeky and mischievous. A real people person who loves to make eye contact and give big smiles to everyone she meets. She is determined, sassy and loves charging round everywhere. She is a great mix of tomboy and girly girl - always wearing mummy's shoes and carrying bags around like diva but also loves jumping in muddy puddles and wrestling with daddy and Ellis. Although she's not saying as much as some two year old she 'chats' all the time and seems to understand everything we say. She's often trying to encourage big brother into his school uniform and shoes for the school run. 

Playing: She loves colouring or at least getting all of the felt tips out and throwing them on the floor! She likes transporting toys from one container to another and loves 'helping' to unpack the groceries or washing machine! Enjoys joining in tig and hide and seek with the older kids and charging round the corridors after church. Also a wonderer, like big brother, with a habit of running off in public places.

Funny memories: We were in Boots recently and I was trying foundations on the back of my hand and when I looked over she was copying me exactly and had all these patches of orange all over the back of her hand! When she poses and say 'cheese' whenever I have my phone out - in fact she's often blabbering away on the remote control thinking she's chatting on her mobile. 

Favourite places: We're all big fans of Oxygen trampoline park and Rosie's Diner for brunch. She loves a good run around at soft play and we often go to the Play Barn, Wacky or Tumble Town. She's very daring and terrifies me constantly! She loves feeding the ducks 'quack, quack' at the park and going on the swing and the zip line - again no fear! 

25 Jul 2017

Ellis turns Four - look out world!

I started the year thinking that you were no-where near school ready. I couldn't imagine you sat listening and joining in discussions when you could barely sit still for five minutes - unless you were watching a cartoon! However, in the last six months your speech, your attention span and your interest in learning has developed so rapidly that there is no denying you are school ready. You had a few taster sessions and met your teacher - who you said is kind and very beautiful! She reported that you were answering all the questions and it was so cute to see you sat cross legged on the carpet like a real school boy.

This has been a great age and you are such good company now that I will really miss you in September. You've mastered potty training, dressing yourself (you're still slow and reluctant though), learning to write and recognise your name, counting to twenty and recognising numbers and putting on your own coat and shoes. You love reading and looking at all your books and we play a game at night where you lay loads of books out and we chose one using the rhyme 'ibble obble chocolate bubble'- funnily enough it always seems to land on your favourite book. You love all the Julia Donaldson books and anything to do with pirates or monsters.

Some of your favourite things to do:-

  • role play with your legos and Minions toys.
  • scoot to the retail park near our house and pull the basket along in Poundland and throw all the essentials in - shampoo, bubble bath, sweets, crisps, toys...
  • go to the cinema with daddy - your favourites so far have been Boss Baby, Cars 3, Despicable Me Three and the Batman Lego movie - you both love scoffing popcorn.
  • meet your friends at the park for a playdate. You love slides - the higher and faster the better - St.Ives and Ilkley park are particular favs.
  • build huge Hot Wheels tracks with daddy and race your cars.
  • at Clare's you like role playing super heroes and you are always Spider Man.
  • at pre-school your best friend is Zachary and you like putting crates on your heads and pretending to be robots.
  • in Belgium you like going to the huge water park and going down the big slides and rapids. You're quite the dare devil. You also like exploring in Oma's garden - you tell us she lives in the forest.
  • when we visit granny and Rara you like being chased by granny, 'helping' Rara in the garden and going to the ice-cream farm.
  • go exploring in the woods. You love the outdoors and finding secret passages and hiding and giving mummy a scare.

At home you love receiving your 'making box' in the post which has crafty and baking activities in little coloured bags. You like eating hulk pasta (pasta pesto), carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, apple slices and egg mayo sandwiches. You have a sweet tooth and love ice-cream, haribos, fruit pastilles and milkshakes. Once too often we have caught you climbing the kitchen cupboards to get to the treat cupboard - you definitely love snacking!

Overall you're very sociable, confident, adaptable and happy most of the time. You can be a grump and are quite stubborn and very determined at times - time out has been your friend this year! You don't like being the centre of attention - like dadddy - and were hiding when it was time to blow the candles out on your birthday cake. You were so excited to have a 'minosaur' party this year and it was lovely to see all your friends from pre-school, church and Clare's together to celebrate with you.

Quiz your toddlers: Ellis at 4

What's your name? Ellis

How old are you? Four

When is your birthday? Three

How old is your mummy? Umm…three

How old is your daddy? Three

What's your favourite colour? Blue

What's your favourite food? Hotdonalds - fish fingers, chips, orange juice and a toy (we really aren't regulars!)

Who's your bestfriend? Annabel

What's your favourite tv programme? Most cartoons on Netflix - although he said Paw Patrol which he doesn't really watch anymore

What's your favourite film? Minions and Boss Baby

What's your favourite song? Wise Man and the Foolish Man

What's your favourite animal? Cows

What are you scared of? Losing! (Mummy's choice!)

What makes you happy? People making me laugh like Annabel

We have no doubt in our minds that four will be a great year for you full of such exciting adventures and we are preparing ourselves for the fact that many of them you will be facing alone. 

3 Nov 2016

Review of Easiyo

Are your kids crazy about yogurt? Both of mine love a yogurt for dessert and some shop brought brands are full of sugar and so when we got sent an Easiyo machine to review I was keen to try a more homemade version. I was especially excited to get our hands on the limited edition pink one - hello!

There are lots of yummy flavours available - our favourite was the greek style yogurt with honey - it was so yummy we ate it all and forgot to take any pictures. The vanilla was less sweet but was really nice with cut up fruit and granola for breakfast.

As the name suggests it really took five minutes to mix the sachet with tepid water and then you fill the machine with boiling water and leave it for at least eight hours and then chill overnight. My toddler really enjoyed helping with the shaking and then licking the container clean! As you can see my baby girl was very attracted to the candy pink colour of the machine.

 We can't wait to try some of the other flavours. Will keep you updated on our future favourites - to see some the process of making the yogurt check out my instagram stories and twitter.

23 Oct 2016

Num noms Wacky Baker

So I've already blogged and vlogged before about our love of the cute Num Noms. My Toddler still plays with them all the time and the Baby still enjoys chewing on them! We had a play date last week, with older girls, and they really enjoyed stacking them up, lining them up and playing games with them.

Since Autumn brings new changes and a certain television show encourages everyone to try baking we decided to copy some of the Num Nom flavours and make a good after school healthy treat. We made banana, stawberry and blackberry smoothies. We used frozen fruit (that we make into smoothie bags in the freezer ready to go) and natural yogurt and orange juice. He enjoyed it but was distracted by the Num Noms in these pictures.

What flavour smoothies do you like to make?

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