2 Dec 2017

Mia turns two!

Eats: Literally everything. Mia is never not asking for a snack or trying to eat something off someone else’s plate. Loves crisps, sweets, sausages, pasta and fruit. She's been obsessed with easy peelers since the festive season begun.

Loves: Snacks (did I already mention that?) Anything that her big brother has and she loves that she has free run of his toys whilst he's at school - currently his Hot Wheels and his Buzz Lightyear. She loves stealing Ellis' toys and putting them down the back of the sofa - often the crucial piece of the Lego set he's building. Walking everywhere and pushing her push chair round - sometimes with lazy big brother in it! Loves playing with her dolly's and pushing them round in their pushchair, putting their dummy in and feeding them milk from their bottle. Her friend Finn, 'Babel' in nursery,

Says: 'Bye bye', 'night night'. 'babies', 'Ellis', 'daddy', 'mummy', 'snack', 'netflicks', 'chips', 'juice', 'sweets', 'let me see', 'here it is', 'hiya'. She makes herself known through other ways!

Personality: Really cheerful, cheeky and mischievous. A real people person who loves to make eye contact and give big smiles to everyone she meets. She is determined, sassy and loves charging round everywhere. She is a great mix of tomboy and girly girl - always wearing mummy's shoes and carrying bags around like diva but also loves jumping in muddy puddles and wrestling with daddy and Ellis. Although she's not saying as much as some two year old she 'chats' all the time and seems to understand everything we say. She's often trying to encourage big brother into his school uniform and shoes for the school run. 

Playing: She loves colouring or at least getting all of the felt tips out and throwing them on the floor! She likes transporting toys from one container to another and loves 'helping' to unpack the groceries or washing machine! Enjoys joining in tig and hide and seek with the older kids and charging round the corridors after church. Also a wonderer, like big brother, with a habit of running off in public places.

Funny memories: We were in Boots recently and I was trying foundations on the back of my hand and when I looked over she was copying me exactly and had all these patches of orange all over the back of her hand! When she poses and say 'cheese' whenever I have my phone out - in fact she's often blabbering away on the remote control thinking she's chatting on her mobile. 

Favourite places: We're all big fans of Oxygen trampoline park and Rosie's Diner for brunch. She loves a good run around at soft play and we often go to the Play Barn, Wacky or Tumble Town. She's very daring and terrifies me constantly! She loves feeding the ducks 'quack, quack' at the park and going on the swing and the zip line - again no fear! 

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