21 Dec 2018

Mia turns three!

Eats: All the snacks and not much else. You've gone through a really fussy stage and mainly eat pasta, sausages or wraps and then lots of fruit and snacks. You could graze all day long. Your favourite treats are ice-cream, jelly tots, Haribo, cheese strings and cookies. You're obsessed with packed lunches and love going for a picnic too.

Says: All the things! This year your talking has really taken off and now you can converse easily in sentences and you amaze us all the time with the little phrases you come out with. You're a really chatterbox in the morning and the rest of us are grumpy and quiet and you just chatter on and on. You get giddy and love to laugh and joke with everyone. We recently went Christmas shopping in Debenhams and you were charming all the elderly customers in the lift telling them all about your wet boots and how you brother Ellis was at school. My favourite misunderstandings of yours are when you call your high chair 'a cot' and hand soap 'ketchup!' When I ask if you need the toilet you say, 'no thank-you!' So polite! If we ever thank-you for anything you say, 'you're welcome!' 

Personality: You're very mischievous and cheeky and love to mess around with everyone. You like to wind up your big brother and recently you've been bickering with each other more . You're very enthusiastic and its so cute to see you get so excited about everything - especially your pink party! We've been planning it since July and you're always running through your guest list in the car. Your very bright and have a very good memory.

Playing: You love a good run around at the park or soft play and especially being pushed n the swings and going down the slide. You love to play with all the dollies and accessories - particularly bags which you stuff full of all the things and carry round everywhere with you. At Clare's you like pushing two single buggies together like its a double pram. You love playing in Clare's toy kitchen and making her 'wunch.' You're quite crafty and love making cards with mummy and baking. You love dancing along to music and often know the words to popular songs on the radio.

Funny memories: So many - you always brighten up our days with your funny little actions and personality. On your birthday we went to Five Guys and you just stood up in your chair and were grooving along with the music - not caring who was watching!
You also had your first run in with the law! We went to Bicester shopping outlet and you and Ellis joined Rara in a posh shop and he clearly wasn't being very vigilant. Next minute Mia came running out holding a box, followed closely by a young security guard asking you to 'stop' and trying to stop you without actually touching or restraining you. Next minute daddy joined the race! I couldn't stop laughing! It is everyone's favourite story! So cheeky! You also love your accessories and it was a £200 belt inside the box!

Favourite places: On your birthday I asked where you wanted to go and you said, 'supermarket.' You do love shopping and running errands with mummy and hate being left out of anything - hence why you come to karate with us every week, You love going to Bramble Bakehouse for cake and Goose for a play and cake and Temple Donut...do we see a pattern emerging here? We often go to the playbarn with your buddy Carmen on my days off. You're a real daddy's girl and love family days out on Saturdays. 

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