26 Feb 2012

Valentines Snack Bar: Mini Me!

Above is the sight which met my husband when he got back from his week in Belgium. I got lots of ideas from pinterest and had a lot of fun decorating the table fancy for him.
I included some layouts of the two of us to decorate the wall behind and chopped up some nice fresh veg to dip in the hummous.
Above are greek salad bites with feta cheese, black olives, cucumber and a cherry tomatoe - they were very tasty and very easy to make. Although not always to stand up! Do you notice the chocolate dipped pringles in the background? A super tasty and indulgent snack and a good way to use up the leftover chocolate from the cake pops.

 Our fav parmesan and olive bread above, recipe found here it is so easy to make and I even prettied the butter up by cutting it with a heart cutter. Below the cake pops that I have already posted about:-

 This candle, table runner and napkins were all 50% off at Asda - it's always good to celebrate a holiday after the event if you want some bargains! I filled heart patterned cupcake cases with little heart shaped chocolates and jelly sweets.
Click on the picture for a better look - I spent ages putting labels on this pic with photoshop but it says that the file is too large. Its annoying!
Blueberries and cherries in little finger bowls, malteasers in a pot decorated with a bow, I covered as box in wrapping paper to try to jazz up the table and add dimension.
 So let me know - have you ever made a dessert bar? Or themed snack bar as mine is!
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  1. wow- you really went to town! The bread looks delicious and cutting the butter into a heart was a great idea! the greek sticks look yummy and dipping the pringles is a cool idea too. love how you displayed everything! x

  2. ....and there i was thinking you'd brought a lovely big pressie too...until i read your last line.lol!

    Never done a themed table but yours certainly looks gorgeous.

  3. You guys should spend time apart more often! Lucky Arne arriving home to this treat! I agree with Mar, your bread looks well profesh and I love the heart shaped butter too! I like the love block and the half price decorations! I'm surprised the scrapbooker in you didn't bust out some bunting! I could be doing with some of those crudites right now! my appetite is finally back! xxx

  4. gosh, I bet he felt well and truely loved!! Sounds like you had fun doing it as well!

  5. I just popped over to read your entry for Storytelling Sunday (which is fab by the way!) but then this caught my eye. What an amazing, thoughtful give. Not to mention all of the edibles look DELICIOUS! What a lucky husband you have :)

  6. haha! I thought the big box was a present too:-) Very cute table for your hubby to come home too!!! Thank you for sharing on Trick or Treat Tuesday!!!


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