16 Feb 2012

London town...baby!

So although yesterday my valentine was a whole ocean away he still left me a pretty cute card in my bag to find. But I am a having an amazing time in London town with my sis. I will share some pics of our indulgence very soon but till then I have this layout of our last mini trip in October last year. It was when we had freakish sunshine.
In the meantime here is a snapshot of my New Years 2012...

Even though we just had a little family gathering we still got all dressed up - including snazzy tights and funky nails. We also have fireworks now as it's our new fusion of traditions - all families have big fireworks displays on New Years Eve in Luxembourg and so we have started having our own show too. I ordered these pics off snapfish with a white border and then it makes a really simple and striking layout with minimum fuss and effort!

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  1. oooh your light photos turned out really well. Great reminders of new year x


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