27 Jan 2012

Still Documenting 2011...

So January has been a big catch up month and here I share my very blue, very exciting month of August.

 The month was 'awesome' as you Californians say. It included self timer fun along the Big Sur, rides on Santa Cruz Boardwalk, human pyramids on Long Beach, San Diego Zoo and San Fran in the mist.
What I love about scrapbooking is that on this cold and rainy Friday night I can relive the magic of that holiday in the sunshine!
It really was the trip of a lifetime!


  1. What I hate about your scrapbooking LO is that on this cold and rainy miserable Saturday night it makes me LONG LONG LONG to be California bound!!
    Would you just check those amazing blue skies! this is a great page, all the pictures seem to go well together and I love the pyramid on the beach!

  2. love this layout, everytime I look at your california layouts I see pictures that I didn't order that I would like, there are just so many! I got my cali photo book, its really cool. I also got some martha stewart glitter glue pens that I ordered from ebay - they are amazing, the nozzle is so thin so you can write with them easily and do fine detailing. They also came with a set of doodlebug glitters which are also great, so I've been playing all day! x

  3. What a gorgeous blast of sunshine this page is - just what I needed on this rainy Sunday morning


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