9 Jan 2012

May Document 2011...

Whilst the computer cable is still on the way...I found this fuzzy layout which I hadn't blogged yet. I am only up to August and this is the May 2011 layout, which has been completed for a while but I have been waiting for a photo delivery.
May was the month of family reunions, my mom's birthday, joining the gym and a meal at the steak house.

Now January has so far been the month of finishing off Christmas treats (not diets), lots of web surfing, some exciting scrapbooking, crap telly (like Don't Tell the Bride) and lots of marking and school work already!


  1. Tell me about it, you know what By's favourite time of the night is - when he says to me 'bring the jar over'. I go to the kitchen and bring out our cookie jar which is packed to the brim with smurf biscuits, ferrero's, lindor balls, chocolate santas, chocolate coins and tons of other stuff!!! haha - it's going to take us right to the end of the month to get through it all I reckon, not that I'm complaining - apart from By said I'm not allowed to bake again til we finish it off (the magic bars were an exception to aid us with revision, ahem)! I love the doily in the top pic but what do the stickers say - I couldn't make it out, I also love the way one of the squares is part of a menu - cool idea! xxx

  2. Sorry to hear about the seasonal groans but your layout is full of vigour and vim!


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