18 Jan 2012

Fun with my new fiskars...

Picture the scene:
A cold, windy,  miserable winter evening.
Bored, so you're trawling fb looking for some goss.
And a certain Shimelle post alerts me to some fiskars punches ending soon.
So I get involved in a bidding war..
And come out triumphant.
Now I am having fun creating layouts with my new toys.
I admit I had to youtube how to use it.
But now I am a pro.
Sort of.
I wish it didn't make holes in the shapes it punches out so you could use them too.
Here's what I made:

This is a thrifty layout and here is how to copy it:-

1) I used a leftover kraft envelope and just cut five squares out of it.

2) Then I backed each square in map cardstock and even some leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

3) I matted the middle pic and then doodled a border on the other two pics.

4)I used letter stickers for the title.

5) I stapled on some ribbon (also left over from Christmas)

6) I used a border sticker

7) I stepped back and admired it!

So have a go - get out that square cutter.

I will count this as my recycled layout and I also designed a sketch for it before hand.
I love that I am meeting my scrapping resolutions cos I certainly ain't meeting my healthy eating ones!


  1. did you use the fiskar to cut out the little squares, looks really effective, love the colours and the title, the red and white border looks like danger tape- and that would be appropriate! x

  2. Hi . . just wondering . . . are you a Fiskateer? I'm a founding lead Fiskateer. I see you love your Fiskars tools. We have a ton of fun at www.fiskateers.com/blog. As leads we do giveaways, challenges, inspiration, ideas as well as the Fiskateers you have your own gallery, there are on-line crops and more. Love this and love the way you used your punches!


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