14 Jan 2012

Things I'm loving 2012!

Hi there...
Here are a few things I am loving so far this year.
1) Hands down the BEST cupcakes I have ever baked and tasted. An explosion of blueberry and lemon - really moist and topped off with a delish cream cheese frosting. I am making them for my friends wedding in feb and she raved about them on the trial. I will post about them next month with pics and ideas for decorating them - think glitter and butterflies!
Recipe here
 2) I got my nails done for my works do and then went and brought myself my own black opi shatter and recreated the look for New Years Eve. I love this stuff! It's so easy too!
 3) My nod to a healthier new me in 2012 has been these bad boys. They are so delish and help up my fruit intake - the new one has acai berry and that is a superfood - more of that please!!

4) I am a little bit addicted to The Big Bang Theory and think all of the characters are so clever and hilarious, I have a few friends they remind me of and this makes it even funnier. It's very clever and Sheldon just cracks me up! Do you watch it too?
 5) Being reunited with this man...he was away on a residential this week and at first I was really looking forward to it, but I did get quite lonely at night. I caught up with some of my girlie friends which was great, but I was *really* pleased to see him Friday afternoon!
What are you loving for 2012?
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  1. Wow glad Martha loved the cupcakes! and I see you got the recipe from Annie's eats - I love that blog too! I've still got my cracked nails...I don't have any nail polish remover! but they're coming off really badly so I need to get some! I can't believe you watch BBT, I've watched it a few times but I thought it was pretty lame! We've been catching up on the season of 90210 we missed when we were in the Caribbean through love film..and last night we had ribs and chips and creamy corn for dinner to celebrate the end of By's exams so I was loving that - although I still have one more on Monday, boo! and I made mini twix and banana bread loaves that were pretty tasty!

  2. the bbt is always watched here. Nice nails and the cupcakes look delic.

  3. Oh those cupcakes sound sooooo good! Love the nails too - must try!!


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