10 Mar 2012

10 Things: An ode to my love of scarves...

Some scarves I own are floral don't you know?
Some are cosy to keep me warm in the snow.
Some keep me blinging in glimmer and glitz,
Whilst others remind me of romantic bliss!
Lepord print and navy for feeding the ducks,
Skull 'n' crossbone for the girl who has guts!
A polka dot pressie for Christmas day,
A mild but voluminous number in grey,
Big, bold polka dots for New Years Eve,
Tiny little polka dots and style is achieved!        


  1. Cute photos! Funny how we talked about scarves yesterday at work. And I can't believe how much one would pay for a signature piece! I guess if you really love them, $$$ is out of the question. Not that I own one but I do have a favorite myself.

  2. Like your poem and your many scarves too

  3. Fab poem!! I was chuckling reading your post as I have an extensive scarf collection too.

  4. great poem explaining your scarf love. I can see these photos on a layout Mel :)

  5. You must have been really bored to do this! but it's very clever, you can tell you're an English teacher! the voluminous and romantic bliss are my faves!

  6. Love the poem! And a really nice collection of scraves - I now have scarf envy!!

  7. Great poem - very creative. So you like scarves then?


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