24 Mar 2012

A crucial mini break...

I hinted in an earlier post about some life changing decisions and interviews. Basically my husbands been having a tough time getting a job in England - or in fact deciding which career he wants! I know that many Brits are in a similar position and since Christmas he made it clear he wants to move. He's Belgian and speaks five languages, including of course English, and so I always felt this was the skill to place him at an advantage in the job market.
I started researching international schools and was quite tempted by the finantial package, but also the ethos. Controlled assessments, early entry examinations and so much red tape has dominated my teaching career in the last two years and I just want to be able to teach again. I had an interview for Hong Kong and wasn't successful, but it was good practice for Monday when I will be interviewed by the British School of Brussels. I think there are the best chances for the Belgian here!
This layout is all about 'laying roots' our wish to actually have a place to call home. Or indeed just our own home! The journalling makes light of the fact that we never actually discussed where we would live before we got married! So Mel! Let me tell you. But here I am blogging in Brussels and I am ready for a new adventure.

 Here are some pics of my snazzy hotel room - I can highly recommed it. Hotel Bloom! Each room has a unique painting on the wall and mine is all Jack in the Beanstalk-esque and very cool. It promises to make me the star in my own fairy tale - sounds good! I just wish that my Prince Charming was here too! ;)

I am watching the new BBC show The Voice. I can get all my fav things the other side of the channel.
Fingers crossed for Monday hey!


  1. Enjoy the adventure Mel!! I love that Europe offers so many opportunities like that, I dream of visiting and seeing all the different countries and cultures. To answer your question: American Crafts, Dear Lizzy Neapolitan range :)

  2. Wishing you both luck with your job searches, and finding your home - and hope you are feeling better, too! That hotel looks fab! And did I mention that very cool page? Great photo!

  3. Hope your interview went well! The hotel room looks so pretty. Love the layout and thoughts you shared.


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