19 Sep 2013

A day in the Life: Wednesday...

Snoozing with my baby 
 Waking in a fluffy blanket
Looking at the lights (always) 
 Bouncing energetically
 Receiving and loving these cute snaps
 Napping under his baby gym
 Bathing before his doctors check up
 Walking to the doctor
Breaking in my new pumps
 Making a mess
 Creating a layout (yes I do still scrapbook!) 
 Covering and protecting baby from the drizzle
Shaking it on a date with The Belgian 
 Feeding The Baby his own milkshake
 Playing football (The Belgian that is)
Gazing at the lights (do we see a pattern emerging here?) 

How was your hump day?  


  1. ah your day looked like a lovely one, i sat and knit and waited to go into labour! Such fun lol

  2. Aww love all these daily updates! His fast asleep face inthe top pic is almost as cute as his sensory overload face! What a great date, wish we'd been shaking it with you! Miss my Ellis xxxxx

  3. He has such a lovely animated little face! So many expressions. In one of those pictures he has his arms stretched out and it has reminded me of the way our boy at that age used to admire hos own arm. he would run his eye admiringly up and down his arm for ages. It was hilarious.

  4. he really is a happy chappy! lovely photos x


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