3 Sep 2013

My baby is one month...

  • Nothing can prepare you for that lack of sleep, even though we have been sharing the feeds, plus since my husband also teaches he has been around for the whole six weeks holiday. Pampered much?
  • Recovering from the c-section and having to have the c-section in the first place. It was an emergency...
  • Not being able to nurse him, as I had intended, due to struggles. I was really disappointed and have felt much judgement and condemnation from people (mainly women of course) due to this. Plus I have felt the need to justify why I am bottle feeding him every time someone asks. And why would you ask. Especially men.
  • When he won't go to sleep after a night feed. No matter how much you rock him. Sing to him. Stroke his little face. Sure he sleeps in my arms. Then you put him in his moses basket and his eyes shoot open. "Hi mum, ready to play?"
  • Those "it's your turn" squabbles at stupid-o-clock in the morning. All forgotten in daylight. Just about...

  • The time in the hospital and all the lovely midwives - it felt like leaving family with some of them.
  • The wonderful support of the Belgian during my ordeal in hospital - I am contemplating writing my birth story in a post as I have been a bit obsessed with reading people's birth stories at the moment. Funny considering I refused to watch One Born Every Minute before. Would you want to read it or is that TMI?
  • In the last week or so he has started smiling and its gorgeous. Makes my heart melt.
  • Our friends and families reaction to him - everyone is smitten and fb and IG are buzzing with positivity for him. Like, like, like...
  • When he clutches my finger when I am feeding him. Cute.
  • Taking him out in his pram every day for an outing. Very proud parents.
  • Snuggling with him. He's so snuggly when he sleeps.
  • Bathing with him - he is going to be a real water baby. We plan to take him to 'water baby' lessons.
  • The little noises he makes when feeding and sleeping. Mew, mew... Hold on - he's not a cat!
  • His soft skin and baby smell. They should bottle it and sell it. In fact my husband said he missed him so much when he got home from the hospital and could smell him on his shirt. Cute.
What do I have to look forward to in the second month? 


  1. Aww he can pull his 'hi mum, ready to play' face any hour of the night with Aunty Gem! He is super snuggly and I'll agree to missing his smell, every day I tell By how much I'm missing him!! xxx

  2. awhh! What a nice momento! I think it's awful that there is such stigma attached to bottle feeding, although equally I think there can be to breastfeeding in public. SO many of these ring true with me too! Namely the squabbling in the wee hours (or me being grumpy because he is asleep!), lack of sleep and her waking up when I then try to put her down lol. I'd love to hear your story if you want to share it, I think they're good ways of refecting on the event too. Happy 1 month, he is gorgeous! xx

  3. He's gorgeous! Forget the judgers - I wasn't allowed to feed mine because of some medication I had to take, and it hasn't done them a bit of harm! and with the bottle someone else can have a go too :)

  4. awww a lovely record of month 1. With my first i couldn't feed...as he was ill - I was so disappointed too. As Sian has said it hasn't done him any harm! I'd rather go through labour than 9 months of pregnancy so if you want to write your birth story you go for it x


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