12 Sep 2013

Foodie Friday: Burgers and cocktails

Yours, mine and ours

Last week it was back to school for The Belgian (sob) and so we went for a family day out - his choice of activity and meal.
We found this cool new restaurant called Burgers and cocktails.
They serve burgers , sweet potatoe fries, root beer and shakes - my kinda place.
Would highly recommend it.
I had a salted caramel shake and it was delicious.

And as for the activity.... 

The Aquarium.

It was a fab day out.


  1. Mmm, salted caramel ... One of my favourites. And that is a lovely watery photo of you both!

  2. I looked all over your yummy in yorkshire blog for info on this restaurant and thought you were going crazy! This week I have noticed my appetite has increased big time! and I'm needing to eat a lot more often than usual! I really want to try this place, sounds so delish!


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