20 Sep 2013

A week in the life: Friday...

He clearly takes after his parents - not a morning person! 
 Feeding on the go
 Snoozing on the go
Experiencing park life
Stocking up on nappies - love that the berocca is by the nappies!
We love living in a market town and I went to the cheese stall and got a recommendation for a great goats cheese for melting
Stopped by Greggs craving a custard tart and was so disappointed that they don't sell them and picked up this coconut and raspberry donut- lets just say it wasn't Krispy Kremes
Homemade carrot and coriander soup for lunch with toasted ciabatta
Sleep feeding
A couple of episodes of Happy Endings
whilst the baby sleeps
I met a friend and her boys for a hot chocolate
Picked up the last bounty pack at Superdrug - what a waste of time.
Then watched Going the Distance whilst we waited for daddy to return from football (again)

 And lastly had a Friday night take-away as a date night treat!
(Photos taken from google as forgot my phone)
 What is your Friday night treat?


  1. i havent bothered with the last bounty, what was in it? xx

    1. Just some nappy rash cream, persil tablet and a petit filous spoon and loads of random vouchers. I will post a pic of it later on IG. Guess it worth getting for some of the vouchers.

  2. Aww his scrunched up sleeping face is still my fave! Love his little outfit and hat, is it new? Yeah we had some greggs cakes at work the other day and they were awful! Your homemade soup sounds good...did you make it or the chef? Have your local Chinese started selling mcflurrys now then? I love the little boxes it comes in...it's proper American stylie!xxxx thanks for giving me my morning fix!

    1. I made the soup - one of our many freezer meals and very easy. My donut had synthetic cream in and was not too great - really artificial tasting. The outfit is from TK Maxx and we got it when I was first preggers and so I'm happy he fits in it now. I love the little hat too!

  3. Friday night treat. DH working, boys in bed, watching a dvd while cutting and sticking lol! Great photos. They still do Bounty bags then! x


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