19 Sep 2013

A Day in the Life: Thursday...

Today was a slightly more mundane day and the drizzly weather saw us house bound with lots of chores to catch up on. 

As you can see he was unimpressed by this!

 I received some happy mail from Ruth over here.
Very cute journalling cards. 

 Outfit 1 of the day for The Baby. 

 Some slouching in the morning watching trashy telly.

Then whilst The Baby slept...

 Some bottles got washed.

Some bottles got sterilised.

And sheets got washed.

Baby woke up and needed changing.

This led to outfit number as he had a little accident when he was changed.
Surfaces got wiped. (I told you it was a rock'n'roll kinda day!) 

 Baby got fed and cuddled and then slept.

Plus we did his eight week photo shoot.

His post-sleep change led to...
yep you've guessed it - change number three!

Daddy returned home and websites were surfed, whilst baby slept.

 He got fed and burped. 

He enjoyed playing games with daddy.

Pizza was eaten.

with wedges.

Some crafting was done.

A page was completed.

And everyone was thoroughly exhausted before bedtime.


  1. gosh....i remember the days of constant changing...what am i talking about it still happens lol boys are dirty!! fab page x

  2. What a lovely page! You also manage to fit a lot into a day ... My favourite photo is the very first one :).


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