23 Sep 2013

A week in the Life: Saturday...

This mini blog series has made me realise that I could never blog every day.  Life happens and sometimes the last thing you want to do in the evening is to start editing pictures and writing copy. I think for my posting to be more regular I am going to have to get organised and start scheduling posts - 'push up bra blogging' style.
So Saturday (which will be the last day as Sunday I forgot to take any pics!) in verbs...


Entertaining (toddlers) 
(Warehouse) shopping



 Waiting (impatiently whilst I shop)
 Anticipating (making cookies)

 Slow cooking


Wishing (granny didn't consider coral a neutral)
 Refusing (bed)
To catch up with the rest of our week;


  1. Aww love that selfie of you and Ellis! and love how awkward he looks in his coral onesie! Wish I had some costco pizza tp gorge on right now! Also love how bored and annoyed Arne looks, haha!xxx

  2. I've really enjoyed your pics this week..maybe he reminds me a little of my own boy at that age. keep taking those photos: I've been reduced to checking Facebook to see what mine is up to!

  3. I enjoyed seeing the glimpses of your day, and chuckled especially at waiting impatiently.

  4. Awww that last picture! I bought the foot print stamps too :)


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