5 Jan 2010

Mission impossible? I think not!!

I have been keen to scrap these pics of our wedding cupcakes and was waiting for the right inspiration...and here it was...mission accomplished:-
This week's mission is comprised of the following concepts from our DT and Guest Designer: Deborah: Use at least 3 label stickers Jocelyn: Felt Nicole: Pink, yellow, teal Vanessa: Polka dots Christiane: Black pen for outlining
I feel like these challenges take my pages to new levels and force me to use some of the stash I have been "saving" for a special occasion...well it's here! I love doodling and polka dots and the cupcakes were teal so I managed to squeeze in all the concepts. I cut the black velvet heart from wrapping paper my sis gave me for Christmas otherwise it would have been a hard concept to fulfill.
Hope you like it...


  1. You're on fire Mel!! is your next mission to scrap as many pages in one day?! cause you seem to be doing pretty well! I love the big cupcake in the centre and the way the stamped dots above it link it to both of the other photos, I love the velvet heart and the doodling around the writing. I'm not so mad on the backing paper..but I know you were fulfilling the mission! I would have loved to have seen it on a nice vibrant purple or something! x

  2. YUM--cupcakes!!!!
    Such a "sweet" layout!

  3. I am glad you are using some of your stuff on our missions!!! I love the cupcakes :)


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