23 Jan 2010

Saturday scrapping...just because...

So my competetive streak is taking over and so I figured I would do a page just because. With the papers and design I wanted! So whilst watching my new guilty pleasure Take Me Out I am uploading the page I made of our mocktail night on our honeymoon. We were staying in a really swanky resort and so were a bit of a captive audience. That night we ate at the Malay market style buffet and then afterwards went to the lounge for mocktails to enjoy the entertainment. We got some exciting cocktails and then I switched to the less expensive soft drinks. However, Arne got carried away and everytime the waitress' came over said "Same, again sir?" He said yes. So about ten drinks later we recieved a bill higher than our food bill (which was pricey enough!) It was a fantastic night and these photos bring back great memories!
The left hand side has inked bubble wrap print to add some more interest and texture. The title circle is glittery vellum with yellow tissue paper underneath. I wanted it to look like a sun to reflect the climate and mood. The mocktail night subtitle is heat embossed - it was the first time I have used the yellow embossing powder and i have had it at least a year! I will defo use it again.

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  1. This is a very cool page..infact I think I like everything about it! (Mar says she likes looking out for the bit I don't like in each comment i make on your blog!) love using the bubblewrap..what a clever idea and inking it too is ingenius!i love the lettering for the title and the yellow embossing powder certainly adds a little something something! x


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