3 Jan 2010

Home sweet home!

Phew what a trek. The 7 hours in Dublin airport was a killer - especially since there are no great SB mags out there to entertain me anymore, then Dublin to Brussels where the MIL drove us the two hours to Luxemberg. The worst part about New Years was not having the digi cam as I left the cable at school over the hols - doh! So we got a fugi film and I now still have 25 pics to use up as it is not as exciting taking pics when you can't see them straight away - I must like instant results and that is why I love my photo printer - no more waiting to print pics off.
Then had a ridunculous flight from Frankfurt back to Dublin, those budget airlines are so useless we had to wait an hour on the plane as they had too many people on board and three did not have the boarding cards...what?! How did they get past and on the plane I ask?! Anyways...trips not worth scrapping as the photos would just be me looking bemused and Arne sleeping (can all men just sleep everywhere and in any situation?!)
Dublin was sadly devoid of any scrap shops, the best I got was some mini calendars for 2010 where you can circle the date (I have been wanting these for a while so I was pleased!) I would like one for 2009 tho as i can't use them yet!!!
So back in Leeds and finger crossed for a scrap day * ahem* snow day tomorrow!!
In a bid to keep this scrap related I have posted three old page I made years ago. The first is taken at my friends wedding it was my house mates at the time and our boyfriends, the second is about my dad's quirks and the third were pics from my friends hen do. I think the most striking is the hen do one as i like the spotty green paper and the big bold title with glittery chipboard letters, I think chipboard titles stand out the most and add interest to a page.
If school is on tomorrow then I can get the cable and take some more recent pics of my pages. I have spent the evening not unpacking but trying to get a page done for the twisted sketches website. It is difficult working to a sketch with a theme and it can take some of the creative process away from you, but it can also make you more creative as you have to try new things. So we shall see how I do...

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  1. Haha i love you high tech blog..nice sideway pictures!!! sorry to hear about your nightmare journey!


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