14 Jan 2010

Snow problem....

School has remained doggedly open despite the black ice spates..but at least we are still starting at the later, more lie-in friendly time of 9.30. Some classes this week I have only had a third of the class and it has been really lovely and relaxed. It must be what it is like teaching at a private school, but I guess our kids still have more character. I am on a teacher high as my bottom set took their English GCSE early in November and we got the results back today. There were all predicted E's but one girl got a C. I was so happy for her I almost cried. Then five of them for Ds too, which is a really good result considering they struggle with reading and writing. I have made two super dooper layouts tonight and will be posting them tomorrow when all the glitter glue and paint dries. They are both for sketch contests and i am really pleased with the results of both. I have not won any yet :( and am beginnining to question my talent...so I would LOVE the boost of winning. It was exciting to see my golden girls layout in a slide show on the scrapping the music site! Woo hoo! Well it feels like it should be the weekend, but in fact it is only Thursday night... Peace out! x

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