16 Jan 2010

One way or another...

Just been listening to my new fav station Radio 2 with Alan Carr and he played the classic Blondie song. Today has been a busy day battling the crowds in Costco and Ikea. Amonst other things I was on the look out for storage solutions for my scrapbook room and more specifically to store my ever growing stash of 12 by 12 papers. We settled on this cheap option:

We are going to attach it to the side of my desk. It should make it easier for me to parouse my papers than having them in a big pile on my desk.

I am seriously jealous of Tiffany's scrapping space. Check out the link - its flipping gorgeous!!!!!



  1. Costco and Ikea..my two fave places to be! will you 12x12s not be too tall for that storage idea you bought? Man Tiffany's scrapping space is AMAZING! I loved the ribbon jars..and the alphabet drawers and did you check all her projects on display! wow that is some serious scrapping going down right there!
    I got the rest of my snapfish photos and my brads off ebay today so I'm ready for some serious scrapping to begin..Tiffany style!

  2. Hey that metal storage is not too bad!! As the stash grows, I am sure you'll get what you dream for someday, just need to be patient :)


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