6 Jan 2010

Top ten layouts of the year....

So here are my top ten layouts of 2009 - let me know which one is your favourite.... 1) This was elephant trekking in Thailand. The picture doesn't really do it justice. The title is made from masking tape with little cut out elephants trekking across the bottom of it. I also like the E monogram in the bottom right hand corner. The green elly was a bookmark I brought over there. 2) Tandem biking in Brugge. I scraplifted this page from an American mag. I love the movement on the glittery title. I love the swirly journalling too, very simple but very effective.
3) This was taken at the Indian restaurant at our honeymoon resort. Lush food and a great multi photo layout. Like the little rosette and how I cut around the paper in the middle to give myself my own scalloped cardstock.
4) Masked title - swept away. The classic wedding day pose. I tried a masking tape frame here as I had seen this idea in SM.
5) A personal fav of mine a unique way of using up the black and white and coloured photo. A very fun page with a gorgeous overlay on the left that I had been saving up for a special occasion. I painted the letters for the title too.
6) Scraplifted this idea from an American mag I got from my sis years ago. The doilie my new fav photo matt and a great way of telling our story. I have found journalling difficult for the samey wedding pics, but thought this was a great way. The hearts are cut from a wedding card.
7) A pic from Germany last year. It is about how Arne is such a worrier and I am a bit more reckless (at least when it comes to heights!) I love how perfectly the overlay on the left allows for a sneaky lil extra pic. I got this overlay free with some goodies when I went to the big scrapbook convention in Holland a few years ago. It is great for cutting words out of.
8) A fun page which I wanted to reflect a fashion shot in a mag. I stamped the boarders with paint which I think gives a more interesting effect than ink. A very girly layout of some of my fav wedding shots.
9) A very eclectic layout of my birthday meal in Scarborough. My new fav thing is to layer lots of flowers cut with my slice and distress them and douse them in glitter. The title is handwritten (I did this in a boring meeting at school and it inspired my layout!)
10) Last, but not least, ice ice baby! These photos were taken in Paris last New Years when we found a frozen pond in the park and it gave us hours of fun. I tried to make the title look like ice cubes and then coated it in lots of mauve embossing powder to give it a snowy effect.

So place your votes now....and thanks for stopping by. Hope you are all enjoying (and being inspired by) the snowy weather....Happy New Year!!


  1. Okay so that was a toughie..it's a close call between 6,9 and 10. I do also love the spiral journalling on our tandems in Bruges page! The ice cubes for the ice ice baby page are inspired and you know I've always loved the effect of the black and white picture split in half with the coloured in between for page 6..i also like the coloured title on that page! but I think it would have to come down to page 9 your girly wedding page..that must be new cause I haven't seen it before and i LOVE it, the stamping is awesome! pretty sure you stole those stamps from me too! You know how it's my birthday in June..I'm just going to give you all my wedding photos and let you work your magic and make me an album cause your scrapping is just reaching new heights of amazingness!! and i'm JEALOUS! yeah we had TONS of snow today..we're having another snow day tomorrow - sweet one!

  2. hey mel, love your blog - I will definitely have to start one soon now I'm online! I love 2, 6 & 8. I love all the details on page 8 - like the buttons down the side and the inked borders and the doily is amazing as a background on page 6. I really like page 2 - all the colours go so well with the pictures and i like the movement the page has and the spiral journalling is cool. If I had to pick a fav think i would go for 8. I also think page 10 is really eye catching because of the colours and the title is amazing! By the way i love your golden guy page of arne - i recognise some things on the page! Glad your getting good use out of them - the black felt looks great.


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