23 Jan 2010

Twisted monkey...

I have been working on this page for months, but it was never coming together quite right. So using the sketch on http://www.twistedsketches.com/ I added two more distressed pics. I love multi-photo layouts as there is so much to look at. I added this vellum envelope with the journalling in so that my page wasn't too busy! I love the little pic of the orangutan I cut it out of a tourist mag that I picked up in Sabah. Overall a pleasing layout - liking the gold and green.


  1. great use of the envelope! thanks for twisting.

  2. I love the background to the layout..it fits it so well, and especially love the addition of the little monkey - he makes it! and the ribbon down the side is cool..i have to say the only thing i'm not too happy with is the 'say cheese'? why is it there? i would have been happier with say bananas or something monkey related mayb! x your hair looks SO blonde here!

  3. Great take, Mel. And great pics too!!

    Thanks for playing along at TS!


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