5 Jan 2010

Snow day - wooo!!!

This layout is from our wedding. I wanted to do a multi-photo layout as I had so many pics to try and scrap. Black and white pics are ace as you can apply any colour scheme to them. I was running out of purple and turquoise cardstock from my other lo's! Always better together was the motto for our wedding and we had it inscriped on our rings. I used my trustee slice for the flower and the hearts. Gold and red is a striking combo!
This is when we attempted karaoke on our honeymoon and ended up getting in a strop! Typical shy Arne! He actually gave me the ace idea of stamping each letter with my alphabet stamps. I wouldn't have put turquoise and red together but I think it works. The little parrot is from the sample I have to do on my photo printer, but the ever thrifty scrapper in me didn't want to waste a thing!
So was just about to text my boss today, when I got the blissful text - snow day!!! No chatty year 10s today - woohoo! So I am using my time wisely and posting some of my lastest layouts. The bottom one is from our honeymoon in Malaysia. I got the idea from a Vanessa Matthews lo in SI, I loved the swirly cardstock lined with lots of exciting embellishments.
The apple one is of my sisters and I when we were little. I love using lace on my layouts as it gives it a rustic feel which worked really well with the apple cardstock I have been meaning to use for a while. Owls are very trendy in the scrapping world at the mo and I was excited to find these overlays at my local TK Maxx (in Harrogate) I love finding stash when you least expect it. I also used lots of chipboard on my lo's to give them depth and interest. My new fav thing is to use a doilie to mat photos - very cheap and a fab vintage look.

P.S Sorry they are not all aligned! I am still getting to terms with the "high techness" of blogging! But thanks for stopping by my blog and please leave comments as I really relish them.


  1. Oh those are lovely layouts you created!! I am glad that you chose Malaysia as your honeymoon spot! I hope you had fun here. Thanks for dropping by my humble blog and left a comment :)

  2. So jealous of your snow day! although if we have a snow day tomorrow baking cupcakes will probably be my acitivity of choice rather than scrapping..which perhaps explains why I've only scrapped 6 pages of our wedding which was *ahem* 2 and a half years ago!! ahh after thinking about that perhaps i'd better do some scrapping instead! I love the sister layout..although where am i?! the lace looks cool and I know you says Owls are 'in' in the scrapping world but I don't really get it! x


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