28 Nov 2011

Shake it up baby now...

With this post I will teach you a few budget scrapping tips.
In England a programme keeps being advertised about Penny Pinchers and although I do not qualify for this title I do love a good bargain. I love vouchers for meals out, bogof offers and a sale.
1) The title is done with my trusty black sharpee pen and then coloured in with a green felt tip pen.
2) I couldn't find the apt embellishment for this layout and so I printed off the picture of the cow and cartoon face of a cow, then I used my diamond glaze to beef it up and give it a sheen. I stuck them on with sticky pads.
3) To avoid the paper curling I squirted my glimmer mist onto a tissue and the wiped it over the layout and the white thickers to give it a sheen and a vintage tint.

So why don't you have a go at some of these techniques?
I challenge you.
Go on...

1 comment:

  1. The title is a bit too budget for my liking, times must really be hard! have you run out of regular thickers? but I love the polka background and the two photos side by side - they are really great pics and making me crave thick milkshakes. Another reason I need to move Stateside!! I got my first essay back, 2:1 baby - not bad for starting the night before!!xxx


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