4 Nov 2011

Reluctant model...

I may have mentioned before that my husband hates my incessant and slight obsessive picture taking.
So I decided to make a layout about it.
I felt that his anger is brewing beneath this fake smile.
So I came up with title.
I decided that I wanted it to have layers.
It needed to have an orange colour scheme to make the yellow pop.
Then I found the cool black and white floral tape and the layout went from there.
I am happy with it.

And I am soooo happy it's Friday!


  1. I think after all these years mine has slowly resigned himself to my compulsive photo taking.
    Great layout x

  2. great layout!
    i love the subject..i am sure my hubby is sometimes not amused by all the photo's i have to take!

  3. Ha ha lovely page ... I can almost hear his sigh!


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