23 Nov 2011

Document 2011 July...

So I am slowly making my way through the year. I am still stuck on May as my little sis is being slow with sharing the pics (hint, hint Gems get out that hard drive!) I decided since I had a good variety of colourful and fun pics to make them my focus and just have some fun with the title in the middle and some captions.
Two of the photos really amuse me - the first is my colleague in his cycling lycra with two of our ex-pupils. He just strolls round our department wearing his lycra onesie in the morning and freaks us all out! The second pic is Arne doing his baywatch cycle. I don't know why we found it so amusing - we just did. I think its his facial expression and the fact he is just flying by the baywatch boat on his bike. Is it just me or is it funny?

Please excuse the reflection, as the nights draw in it is difficult to get any decent light to take pictures in.
I have some more layouts coming later. Things I have been plugging away at over the last few weeks, also some gothic style cupcakes...

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  1. great photos......men in lycra shorts...not nice!! lol!


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