7 Nov 2011

Well East Coast girls are hip...

As the mist and rain descend. Dark evenings. Chilly. I wanted to hole myself in my scrap room on Saturday and relive our California memories.
I used an ancient overlay on the middle pic to make it pop. I used the colours of the American flag and lots of little journalling spots. Underneath I cut stamps from the some wrapping paper and sewed buttons in between. 

The layout below is about our soundtrack - I just loved this bracket shaped cardstock and felt the lines were perfect for filling with the lyrics of some of the songs we listened to on our road trip. I used piano key patterned tape to frame the page. I am liking this page a lot.


  1. loving these pages, the piano key tape is so cool and I love the idea of doing a soundtrack page! Like all the stamps and buttons on the other one and the frames xx

  2. I popped over from Storytelling Sunday and thought I'd explore - love your soundtrack page - great memories - and it will be really interesting to look back at this page in a decade and see what you still like. The piano keys are perfect framing.

  3. I am liking the soundtrack page very much too!

  4. I love the polka dot sheer border and the sewn on buttons and the soundtrack page is awesome!!! tell me who made you such a good soundtrack? I love the red and white striped Americanish!!


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