12 Nov 2011

Falling in love again...

I was stalling scrapping this picture as it is my fav from the trip.
I think cos it was quite impromtu and we both look happy.
We had just been to see LA Galaxy play and stopped off for a burger at our fav Five Guys Burger and Fries joint! Seriously we need this in England it's so good.
I have been very inspired by butterflies recently, I used my Martha Stewart punch and cut some from some old birthday paper that I kept for this purpose.

I hand stitched round the edge - not a technique I used a lot. It took a while but I liked the finished effect.
The reason for the title is that I always find with the stress of both of us teaching and lots of commitments with church we don't get to spend much quality time together so whenever we have a holiday or mini break we effectively fall in love again and rediscover the romance and enjoy one another again. Is it just me or does everyone find this??
I have been using purple recently as I was inspired by Julie's purple phase. I always loved scrapping with purple, but recently had gone off it. I enjoyed the challenge of using it with a new palette like beige, cream and green. So thanks Julie!
I have just been trawling the charity / thrift shops in my lovely little town. I always forget what a great resource they are, especially when it's a tight month! (which is every month!) I got some black skinny jeans for £3.50 you can't beat that can you? They fit like a glove!
What are you up to blogland?


  1. Great page!! yep we are the same whenever we get the rare opportunity to spend some time together on a day out or weekend away we fall in love all over again. I think it's good for the relationship to feel this way again!! x

  2. me too....the pressures of work and family life do take over so its good to have time together.

  3. Hi Mel - you seem to be going through a purple phase now too! Thanks for sharing your pge - I've pinned it to the board for you: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/purple-phase/


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