16 Nov 2011

Iron Cupcake marshmallow smores...

Theme for November's Iron Cupcake was obviously Bonfire Night.
I tried to avoid the obvious toffee apples and parkin as I sometimes feel that if my cakes are different from the rest they will stand out more.
I went for smores flavour and ever a fan of the pun I came up with the name - gimme smore!
I used Martha Stewart's one bowl chocolate cupcakes mix for the sponge.
I will definately use this recipe again as it was moist and very tasty.
I adapted it by putting some homemade oat biscuit at the bottom of the liner, I also put a dollop of marshmallow fluff (from a jar I admit!) in the middle.
When it baked I thought it was a disaster as it exploded out - like an earthquake cake.
But then I decided it looked good and oozey and burnt like a real smore.
Here's a pic:

 Then I whipped up some super easy marshmallow frosting. I had tried the hummingbird recipe before and it was quite tricky and very, very sticky and could not be piped. I wanted mine piped as I prefer the look. So I was so lucky to find this recipe. Some of the marshmallows I had were pink so I put a bit of red food colouring in to up the colour. It looks brown in this pic but the lighting at the venue is not the best for pics.

Here is my sign - I even brought my little easel from Ikea which I usually use to snap layouts with. I came third overall and was pleased with this as I did think they were quite good.

 A close-up. I sprinkled biscuit crumbs on top.
 These cuties came second...
 These parkin cupcakes won the night. I tried them and they were very tasty - even though I am not a big fan of the stuff (not being a Yorkshire lass and all!)
 Here is Sarah modelling one of her very own cupcakes - she was a first time baker.
 Leanne helped her with the icing, but also did a bit of judging. She was voting for the other colour though!
Roll on December. Any good tips or recipes for Christmas cupcakes bloggers??


  1. The Hummingbird book has a few I want to try! xxx

  2. wow - the marshmallow fluff really puffs up! It looks cool though, bet they tasted yummy, the apple crumble ones look nice. for christmas you should do a brandy snap cupcake!

  3. Yes s'mores are the best!! So glad you finally blogged this!!! and I'm glad you revealed Parkin is a Yorkshire thing, I was feeling very inept as a baker to have no idea what it was!! I could definitely eat one of your cupcakes right now, they look delish!


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