6 Nov 2011

Storytelling Sunday: The one with the ice-cream and the ketchup...

All of my family love ice cream, but my dad was always the biggest fan. My mum is more Ben and Jerry's whilst he is that worryingly orange/golden cornish vanilla which was 99p a tub from the local supermarket.
My bonding times with my dad when I was younger were sat on our grubby and old fashioned, but very comfy, cream/biege corner sofa in the playroom eating ice cream straight from the tub whilst watching telly with my dad. He would have the newspaper under a rapidly melting tub of Neopolitan ice cream and I would at first be happy with the odd spoonful, but then would head off to the kitchen to get my own spoon.
I liked mixing the vanilla and strawberry, the chocolate and vanilla, but never the strawberry and chocolate and I still don't like chocolate mixed with fruit - yuk!
The came my older sister Mara who only enjoyed her dinner when it was doused in ketchup. So we dared her to put ketchup on her vanilla ice cream. She tentatively had a few spoonfuls and then left it to melt into an unbecoming pink gloop. But dad was relentless. No food could be wasted. He made her eat it.
So in relation to this a layout celebrating the simple pleasures of ice cream, picture is taken on Coronado Island in San Diego.
(Please excuse the photo - daylight is not very forthcoming in England and I over photoshopped it I think!)

Completed for High in the Sky's storytelling Sunday and inspired by Julie Kirk's purple phase using lilac, purple and stone.
What strange foods did you enjoy as a kid?


  1. Hi Mel, it's fantastic to have you join us on Storytelling Sunday! That's a lovely memory you have of spending time with your Dad. I'm not so sure about the ketchup mixture though - I don't like ketchup at the best of times! I did go through a phase of eating Dairylea and raisin sandwiches. That seems pretty wierd now I think about it.

    Thanks for the story today :)

  2. Yikes! Ketchup on ice cream is adventurous! Love your layout and I have been to Corandado Island and enjoyed my visit there too!

  3. what is it with kids and ketchup......one of mine has it on everything...although i'm not sure he's tried ice-cream. Great story!

  4. I'm with you on the chocolate and fruit thing! Why spoil 2 perfectly good things by mixing them?!

    Thanks for testing out one of the colour palettes! I'll add you to the Pinterest board now:http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/purple-phase/

    Julie :-)

  5. I have never heard the Mara story before...are you sure it really happened or is it one of your 'exaggerated' truths? I defo remember the ice cream tub on top of the newspaper eating on the sofa sesh's with Daddy-o though...not sure how Mom is going to feel about the grubby sofa comments! love the lil doily and the lettering makes it in my opinion x

  6. I often say that my kids will have - insert whatever normal food or vegetable - with their tomato sauce ... now, as for ice cream, that's taking it a bit too far!

  7. I imagine the colour mix was good but can't imagine the taste! Lovely memory and lay-out. Irene

  8. eugh...what was that like ? Did you not get a taste ? I am a vanilla ice cream kinda girl myself, I don't like too many things mixed up.

  9. Eeeuw! Not a nice idea. We used to enjoy marmalade on our sausages ... wonder if it still tastes good?!?!

  10. Hello, haven't been here before, but I was intrigued by your story title - and sure enough the story is great. Made me laugh - your poor sister!
    We used to like banana sandwiches, ice-cream sodas (I hate them now!) and gravy poured over a slice of bread. How unsophisticated we were!
    Our friends came for tea during the week, until their mum finished work. Martin once made a huge layered sandwich, with jam, honey, chocolate spread, marmite, one on each layer of bread. Our student lodger dared him to eat it all up, so he did. Apparently he wasn't well that evening!
    And I had a school friend, aged 5/6, who only ate fish fingers or marmite sandwiches. That's all. Oh, and the odd classroom crayon for a change!
    Thanks for sharing a fun tale. I will come again, it's good here!


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