26 Nov 2011

Six for Saturday...

Things I am loving at the moment...

1) Christmas songs such as this Nat King Cole classic and Jack Johnson's Angel. Love, love, love and have had them on repeat all week!

2) These Christmas cards I brought at Paperchase today. I have vowed to be organised and actually send cards this year - especially to our foreign family and friends.
 3) It was the boy's birthday this week and so we had a casual Nando's and cinema trip on Monday night. He also got a coupon for a third off at Yo Sushi for his birthday and so we went today and loads up on miso and sushi. We decided to splash out (well, we did have a coupon) and get some desserts. The chocolate mocho were the best things ever. They were like chocolate truffles with a rice outer layer (I know it sounds gross, but it was not!!) and filled with chocolate ganache. Delish!

4) On Wednesday I took the gothic cupcakes my Year 13's had 'ordered' for winning a quiz. My sister got me pumpkin moulds and chocolate orange chips to melt and make some pumpkins. They are Martha's choc cupcakes I have featured in previous posts and Hummingbird vanilla frosting with green dye and green edible glitter. They went down well. So well that they even made me a gothic background for the photoshoot.

5) Thanks to Gok Wan I have started wearing mainly dresses to work. I got some bargains from Next on ebay and also rediscovered some dresses I used to wear that were resigned to the back of my wardrobe. I have been getting lots of compliments and realise they are a lot better for my hour glass figure than trousers which make me look *chubby* such a funny little words.
I love this polka dot dress, but am sad as it's only available in America.

6) Babysitting for this cutie last night. She was all cute and snuggly in her sleeping suit and we snuggled together whilst watching American X-Factor till she started rubbing her eyes and making it clear it was past her bedtime and she wasn't going to be kept up just so I could play!

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  1. Ooo - I love the sounds of those chocolate truffle things!!

  2. The cupcakes looked cool! and I love that polka dress too! Is it from Shabby Apple? I pretty much want every dress on their website! boooo...just another reason I should be shakin' it Stateside! xxx


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