1 Dec 2011

Things I'm loving on Thursday...

Looking forward to making some of these this weekend -yum! Let the Christmas baking commence...
 Last night we had girls night at the super cute Pizza Express in Ilkley. It used to be the old train station and so the building has a bit of character.
 Ever awkward I asked for the four seasons pizza to be 'three seasons' without the anchovies and capers! The girls said it was typical Mel!
 I suddenly found this old cutie sitting sadly in its box, I have only used it once since I got it on ebay. So we had fun taking some snaps and then arguing over who got the pics with our eyes open and us smiling nicely! I have just ordered some more films to snap some quick pics over Christmas - you could scrap the pic you took all on the same day!
 I am lusting after a camera die cut, I love when Shimelle uses it on all her travel scrapping and so would love one of these babies.
 Tonight after school I had a hot date of hot choc with my man. We don't often do this - we are usually just boring and go straight home after school so it was exciting and nice to just chat and enjoy one anothers company rather than wasting the afternoon away on the laptop (as I am now!!) Salts diner in Saltaire is such a fab little place and I love, love, love their home shop and want one of everything!

Above is our fabric advent calendar that we got at said home shop for a bargain price since it was already the 1st December! We are going to take it in turns of getting a little treat every other day - love it.

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  1. I love the advent calendar - so cute what treats are you getting? I can just imagine you asking for a 'three seasons'! lol the hot choc cupcakes look delicious- are you going to make them for iron cupcake??

  2. I love the fabric advent calendar.... actually, I love those flag thingies used in just about ANYway at all. I have NO clue why I don't have one in my house! Love your blog! Found you on the Things I'm Loving linky. New follower :)

  3. Oooh, I love the look of the hot chocolate cupcakes.

    I thought about getting an Instax for ages. Decided against it for the moment, but when I read about them, I always want one just a little bit :D


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