17 Dec 2011

My bargain dress...

I searched high and low for a dress for our summer wedding in California.
Online, in shops and all to no avail.
I wanted it to be bright, summery and cool but with sleeves.
A big ask on the British high street.
I was watching some on ebay and got outbid on one and then it showed other bids ending soon.
This floral number caught my eye and it was on 99p with a minute to go.
So I won it.
I got loads of compliments at the wedding and always felt smug about my little bargain.

Don't you love red and yellow as a colour combo?


  1. I love the lettering on this page, and did you do something to the edge of the photos? they look kind of cool. 99p is an awesome bargain for a dress, gotta love ebay! In the last two weeks we've made over £120 selling things! yay! xxx

  2. We are a family of bargain hunters really aren't we! like the floral heart and the little tag. can't believe you got fined twice from America! :(

  3. A lovely bright layout to match your gorgeous bright dress Mel......and a bargain it was too!

  4. Fab layout and fab dress! The summery pages are all good in my opinion, looking at them is cheering up this miserable weather! x


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