11 Dec 2011

Ten things I want for Christmas...

Santa baby,
I've been such a good girl.
Please may I have one of each of these...

A vintage Christmas jumper

White glimmer mist for Christmas layouts
Funky headphones

Massage for a hot stone massage
Purple Kitchen aid - hello!

Maroon skinnies
Been sucked in by the ad campaign for the new Nikon 1 and it's pink!

Cosy owl pj's
Need I say more...?
What is on your wish list?
Linking up with Shimelle's ten on the tenth (I'm always late for the party!)


  1. Now you tell me!! what a rude girl you are with those headphones! but I'm with you all the way on the purple Kitchen Aid and the festive jumper - I am after one too but have been scouring the net and haven't been able to find a good one anywhere! The Nikon 1 does look appealing! xxx Sorry I thought I had told you about the cupcake stall, I'm getting like Mom - I forget who I tell what to!

  2. I'm liking the maroon skinnies and the purple kitchen aid. The white glimmer mist would be good for snowy christmas pages


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