18 Dec 2011

No strings attached?

I hope you're not rolling your eyes at ANOTHER California layout.
In L.A we too an open bus tour and my sister was very excited to spot the scene from the movie No String's Attached. We hadn't seen it, but obliged in recreating the pose from the film. I called this page Movie Magic in an ode to Hollywood being the place where movies come alive.
I dug out an old star stamp and enjoyed using this technique again.
I also like the monochrome title and how the white thickers stand out against the background due to their sparkle.

We saw Friends with Benefits whilst in America and we LOVED it. I have always been interested in whether or not girls and boys can be just good friends and I would conclude that they cannot. I know whenever I had a close guy friend one of us always liked the other at one stage or another.
What do you think bloggers? Can men and women truely be just good friends?


  1. I love this page, the title is cool and I like the red stars. Have you seen the film yet? :) You've changed your tune, I thought you said guys and girls could be just friends! I don't think they can, there's a really funny BYU video on you tube where they ask the same question, have you seen it? Its funny x

  2. No eye rolling going on here - its good to see how all your holiday layouts.


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