7 Dec 2011

Slow dancing in a burning room...

Title is inspired by Grease 2, which I am ashamed to say is my guilty pleasure!
Layering is the main technique here.

Showcases the blonde/ginger look I had during October half term. Wasn't intentional. The blonde was, but not the ginger.
We have a benchmark inspection on Friday and I have been selected for a two hour observation with my sixth form. Bad times and lots of planning ahead.


  1. Never be ashamed of Grease 2, it is THE best! and I like that the wood paper matches the pics! matchy matchy hey! have you been listening to a bit of j.m? x

  2. great layout Mel - I like your choice of patterned papers. Grease is my all time favourite movie, can't say Grease 2 had the same effect...might have been something to do with John Travolta!!

  3. love this page, and the title, all the colours work so well together with the photos


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